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10 Overlooked Men’s Fashion Trends From 2020 Fashion Weeks

As soon as a fashion trend hits the runway, people quickly build their wardrobe around it. But there are a few that are always overlooked. The reason? The media didn’t give much coverage to those trends or consumers overlooked those out of the box pieces. These are the type of trends that emerge slowly and tend to last longer like 5 pocket pants. Without further ado, let’s see what we missed out from men’s fashion trends of 2020:

1: Denim 2.0

We have seen denim returning in acid wash and bleached-out styles but this autumn and winter, it was seen in its rawest form. Denim cargo pants with wide silhouettes and classic tailoring were seen in many fashion weeks. Denim patchwork on trench coats, selvage denim overalls, layered denim co-Ord, tuxedos with wide-legged denim trousers was all the rage. Gucci featured oversized skater ripped jeans whereas MSGM featured bleached jackets from the 1980s. The denim pieces in Paris came with an additional layer of polish.

2: Red (From Head to Toe)

A color that was the mood in all runways of Milan was red. It’s not the easiest color to wear for most men, but designers are intelligently injecting it into men’s wardrobe with various shades. If you would like a statement piece, get yourself an overcoat in a soft red shade. And if you would like to be bold and experiment with red suits, check out the work of Giorgio Armani, Marni, and Tom Ford.

Surprisingly, it’s a desirable and wearable palette. To keep it subtle, you can invest in a red cardigan, overcoat, blazer, or even a hoodie.

3: Leather

When it comes to leather, what crosses your mind? Probably a leather jacket that pairs well with jeans or men’s bootcut khakis, right? There is more to it!  Leather trousers, trapped leather trench coats, toggled blazers and so much more!  Black leather is everywhere. Apart from having a timeless leather jacket, a key piece all men should be investing in is a pair of slim-cut leather trousers.

Just when you thought what more could be made in leather, shiny leather shorts popped up. Who knew leather could be worn in so many different ways!

4: Strapped-up Tailoring

Can you recall Timothies Chalamet wearing a Louis Vuitton harness on the red carpet? Inspired by this look, the autumn/winter 2020 fashion shows in London witness straps, belts, and harnesses attached to tailored garments. We are talking about classic suit jackets finished with chest straddling attachments and button-down straps.

Some models were also seen walking on the ramp with harnesses wrapped around their chests. The same trend was seen in Florence and Milan. This strapped-up trend was seen in Paris as well featuring harness-held tuxedos.

5: Clothes with Face Prints

Many designers cashed on this trend and featured tabards, sweaters, and shirts with prints of faces. From high colored cinematic style faces to collages of music posters, you can never go wrong with wearing this attire.

The face trend was seen in Paris and Milan. Fortunately, finding a shirt, trouser, or scarf with a face print is easy, and it’s affordable too.

6: Cardigans as Coats

Two seasons ago, Fendi featured a series of oversized cashmere cardigans sewn with metallic threads. The brand wanted its customers to wear these cardigans as coats.

The trend picked up pace this season when Gucci featured oversized patchwork cardigans in Milan fashion week. It’s a grinchy, slouchy, and highly comfortable style anyone can full out. Cashmere cardigans pair well with denim jeans.

7: Shearling Coats

You must have seen Zayn Malik effortlessly rocking shearling coats. This fashion piece is back! But these aren’t the traditional shearling coats that we know. They are long and there is something Game of Thrones like about them. Shearlings are seen inside out. From short jackets to oversized cozy overcoats, you can wear whatever style you prefer and can afford. Just be sure when you throw on one, the temp is lower than 7 degrees C.

8: Contemporary Corduroy

Another overlooked trend that deserves your attention is Corduroy. This season, Corduroy makes its way more subtly. Oversized Corduroy overcoats and suits in moody hues such as pink might get your attention. If you would like to buy something in Corduroy, go for blazer and wide-cut trousers, and you will get ahead of this trend.

9: Utility Garments

Utility garments have always been in fashion, but this time, some more functional pieces are making a part of men’s collection such as heavily pocketed vests. This trend has no sign of slowing down in Milan. You will find overcoats with vest style panels, cardigans with vest-style adornments, and similar other models with lots of pockets. Surprisingly, these vests can be styled with made in USA work pants as well.

10: Silk Shirts

Every party animal needs to have a classic silk shirt in his wardrobe. Rucked and tucked silk shirts (just like Harry Styles wears them) adding volume above the waist is what one wants to wear at a party. Dolce & Gabbana makes the best floaty and foamy silk shirts.


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