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5 Inspiring COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns

No one has an edge at this time, so is the business industry, which is probably going through the most challenging phase, and it is just the start; things could worsen in the near future.

The COVID-19 epidemic made a significant impact on the industries across the world and diminished consumer behavior and interaction. The companies have had lots of planning, marketing techniques, and principles in the pipeline, but the pandemic washed away most of their aspirations and projections.  

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has slowed the world and urged businesses to reinvent themselves from the ground once again. As the lockdown transpired, the businesses closed, the KPIs witnessed a massive transformation, so the brands directed their focus to generate awareness and website traffic. 

Resonating with the customers became quite difficult, along with the rate of conversion with conventional marketing campaigns. Now, some brands try their bit to come out of their comfort zone and use this as a pivotal time and work to find a solution against these pressing issues. 

They are on their feet to rebuild the customer relationship with the new normal by maintaining the distance. Some creative minds are doing their part and striving to make a difference amidst COVID-19. 

The COVID-19 outbreak urged the businesses to look into the future and position themselves to fight against unexpected calamities. At this time, the focus should be on encouraging customers to handle the situation instead of on the revenue for attaining confidence in the long run. 

Everybody is in a perilous situation in some way or other due to COVID-19, it is quite difficult to design a campaign that can bring in enormous possibilities at current times. Hence, the businesses need to embrace the situation and show sympathy to customers for witnessing huge remuneration in the coming times. They should implement their marketing campaign with transparency and understanding and should opt for the strategies that can relate to the current situations and display a sheer commitment to fight and take the same breath as the people hugely affected by the virus. 

Now let’s discuss five inspiring marketing campaigns created during the pandemic, which hold true value and offer a practical solution to the consumers to avoid pressing paint points. 

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Nike: Play inside — Play for the World

Nike, the American sportswear company, released a campaign to encourage people around the world to play inside to maintain social distancing and stay safe. It says if you have ever thought of playing for millions across the world, then this is the best chance.

Nike encourages its customers and impels better customer engagements through digital media with this simple but effective campaign. Although the statement is simple, it is inspiring and strengthening the brand’s value and displays its viewpoint at this dreadful time. 

The campaign uplifts the morale of the customers and helps them maintain their fitness staying inside their homes. Moreover, the company offered a free subscription to Nike Training Club app to its loyal customers.  

Uber – “Thank you for not riding with Uber”

Uber, your riding partner, whose commercial statement looking at the outbreak of this pandemic is “Thank you for not riding with Uber”. It’s all about alerting the customers to take care of them and be safe. It implements confidence in them about their riding partner’s consciousness, which will invite a more significant number of people once things become normal. 

Ford — Built to Lend A Hand

The consequences of COVID-19 encouraged Ford to develop an idea so that the car-dealers across the US can extend a productive hand to its customers who have undergone serious economic dilemmas. 

In the ‘Built to Lend a Hand’ campaign, the company shall pay the amount for the first three months who avail of finance through Ford Credit along with an option to defer payment for the next three months. Ford US also provides exciting rewards to the dealers so that they can excel in customer service activities. 

Budweiser — One Team

Budweiser presented an exceptional ad campaign at that time when the world was at a standstill. The ad video gratifies sports, and especially, the heroes who played a key role in our lives. 

The unfilled stadiums and abandoned roads are shown in the video are heartfelt but show the bitter truth. The campaign portrays the exercise “one team” in which the company brings health care workers, athletes, police, and musicians altogether. 

Nissan — An Ode to Empty Roads

At this time, the world is moving at a slow pace, but the time will certainly change, and we will surely be back on track. Their latest marketing campaign flaunts the throughways of the City of Miracle, Dubai, and the after-effect of the Coronavirus crisis. It is an awe-inspiring video that intends to strengthen people at this dreadful time.

The Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer says, “For now, stay home and stay safe. We will miss the roads more than ever, but by giving some time and staying inside our home, we will come up stronger and healthier. So, it’s just a matter of time”. 

Final Words

Experiencing these marketing campaigns, one thing is sure, that not even the pandemic and its stumbling blocks stopped the above brands from creating inspirational and creative measures. They undertook every possible step to make their customers feel easy and normal irrespective of the world’s happenings. 

Moreover, the businesses have already made the initiative to deal with the ongoing situation and take the right measures at the right time instead of wasting valuable time. Moreover, they believe in living with the new normal and delivering messages to enhance their brand value and better customer engagement. 


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