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5 Luxury Wholesale Sneakers Provider for Men

Wholesalers want the best suppliers for their products but finding a good supplier can be tricky sometimes. If you are a wholesaler for sneakers, then you must already know that getting a luxury sneaker provider is quite challenging. That is why we have crafted a list of the top 5 wholesale sneakers provider for men.

But before starting, let’s discuss a little bit about the luxury sneakers below:

Luxury Sneakers

As the name suggests, luxury sneakers refer to the most refined and expensive type of sneakers in the market. In 2015, the market value of footwear was calculated at $340 billion. More than 22 percent of this value came from luxury shoes for men. This shows the demand and profitability of having a luxury sneakers wholesale business.

Types of Luxury Sneakers

Although there are many popular types of extravagance sneakers, some of them have left the others behind. It includes:

  • Adidas NMD
  • Adidas Superstar
  • Adidas Stan Smith
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  • Nike Air Max 90

Top Luxury Wholesale Sneakers Providers for Men

If you want to buy sneakers shoes in bulk, then here is the list of suppliers that are considered the best in town. Let’s check them out below:

1.   Shoe net

Shoe net is one of the best suppliers for the Wholesale Marketplace of luxury sneakers for men. They have a wide range of genuine luxury sneakers at surprisingly affordable prices. Shoe net has been serving its customers for over thirty years. That makes it a trustworthy and reliable sneaker provider in the market.

On the website of Shoe net, you will see regular updates on the latest luxury sneakers for men. The only thing that you might not like about this supplier is that they have a policy of minimum purchase of $250. Besides that, shoe net is the perfect supplier for your wholesale business.

2.   Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central website has been listed as one of the best among business-to-business sites. This supplier is undoubtedly the answer to your prayers if you wish to buy high-end products at affordable rates. At Wholesale Central, the wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers can interact with each other.

They have a huge variety of luxury sneakers for men from several suppliers. You can compare the product prices from different providers and get your products at the best possible rates.

3.   Rose wholesale

Rose wholesale is another provider in the list of best suppliers for luxury sneakers for men. They have set up everything in one shop. That means you will have a wide range of variety of sneakers to choose from.

The best thing about Rose wholesale is that they not only offer you discounts on orders but also on shipping fees in some cases. They promise to provide the highest quality sneakers in less than three days. They only get their products from the top-rated manufacturers so you can relax about getting the best products.

4.   Trends gal

Trends gal has the reputation of providing trendy and up-to-date products to its customers without compromising on the quality. They have also gained popularity for providing the best customer services to their clients. Trends gal also offers a dropshipping program, which makes the whole process of wholesale purchase easier for the customers.

They do not charge for many of their additional services. That is one of the reasons why customers keep coming back to them. Their highest quality of luxury sneakers for men will fulfill your Wholesale Business requirement.

5.   China brands

Last but not least, China brands is another good supplier for wholesale luxury sneakers for men. They provide their services in more than 200 countries. Besides footwear, you can find many other products on their website. You can get genuine and high-quality products at very affordable rates from this supplier.

The best thing about China brands is that they process each of their products from three different checkpoints. They make sure the best quality of their products before dispatching them to their customers.

Final thoughts

Getting the right supplier for your wholesale business of luxury sneakers for men can be challenging if you lack certain information. You should visit the market and conduct research before selecting your suppliers. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you find the best wholesale luxury sneakers for men providers.


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