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8 Tips to Lose Weight and Improve your Kidney Health

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Kidneys, important body organs play many crucial roles and responsibilities. From filtering our body fluids to maintaining electrolyte balance in the body and hormone production, our kidneys work really hard.

While the kidney continues to work for you, there are many factors that affect your kidney health. Despite the fact that your genetics, lifestyle habits and underlying medical conditions can be damaging for your kidney health, being overweight is another important factor affecting kidney function.

Weight loss and kidney health

When it comes to the ways that can help you to improve your kidney health, maintaining a healthy weight is one of the first things to do. While weight loss health benefits are countless and can affect a person’s overall health, our kidneys can also enjoy this perk.

People suffering from kidney trouble can surely relate to this that the first thing nephrologists ask them to tackle their kidney ailments is the maintenance of a healthy weight. Weight is one of the best preventive measures to control kidney disease.

How to lose weight to improve your kidney health?

Here are some of the most effective tips that can help you to lose weight and improve your kidney health in surprising ways. Also know Walnuts Nutrition Facts.

1- Track right

Weight loss is completely dependent upon what you eat and how much you weigh, after all, weight loss is all about calorie management. Your calorie deficit is the major factor that determines your weight loss success as the bigger the deficit, the faster will be the weight. So, proper calorie tracking is the key to weight loss.

Make sure you maintain a food journal where you keep a record of the food items you are consuming. Technology has now made it even easier, there are mobile applications that let you keep the record of your meals and let you track your progress over time. Make sure you plan your calories wisely and fulfil your daily nutritional requirements.

2- Device a workout plan

Another thing that can help you with weight loss is ensuring regular physical activity. No matter how strict your calorie deficit is, without a workout, you can’t achieve the optimal results. Choice of workout can vary from person to person and largely depends upon one’s fitness goals.

Choose your workout wisely whatever inspires you and make sure that you are following it right. Remember, don’t overdo it and keep your protein intake in line to help your muscle growth.

3- Bring innovation

Many people find healthy eating boring and they are not wrong, at least completely wrong. People perceive that eating healthy means they only have to eat fruits and salads, and of course a lot of green tea. But that’s not the case!

While you are on your diet you can eat whatever you want only if it fits your calories and fulfils your macros. Based on the food you like, you can bring innovation and create a healthier version of the foods you like. With time, you will learn that how you can save those extra calories present in sauces and eat healthy at family gatherings

4- Slow down

It could be hard to stay on track when you are at family gatherings or enjoying the occasional treats. Mostly we tend to exceed our calories there and the reason is pretty clear. The snacks that are normally served at these places are high in calories and have a poor nutritional profile. This can ultimately make you prone to weight gain and affect your weight loss progress.

Therefore, whenever you are doing groceries and picking out to eat, make sure you select the food items that are slow to digest and ensure a continuous supply of nutrients without making you feel hungry.

5- Fulfil your hunger

People who are struggling with weight loss often complain that they feel hungry all the time. After following their diets for the whole day and putting in all the effort, many people end up eating junk to fulfil their hunger.

You can overcome this problem by eating foods with a low glycemic index so that you don’t feel hungry for longer times. Moreover, you can also switch to the foods that take time while chewing so you feel hungry any further.

6- Drink water in a right way

Water plays a key role in maintaining our daily life activities and supporting life. Many people complain that they feel hungry after eating the meals here, water can save you. Replace the beverages with plain water to aid your body.

No matter, if you are consuming 2 litres of water or 4, consuming it right, might help you. Set your water drinking schedule at least 20 minutes before consuming your water. Following this, when you eat the food, you are more likely to feel full rather than eating on an empty stomach.

7- Sleep schedule

Having a proper sleep schedule can also help you with losing weight. During the time when we are sleeping, our body regulates the processes and recovers itself as a part of the preparation for the next day. Therefore, it is better to have a proper sleep schedule to support your internal mechanisms whose working is required for the maximum benefits. For more health tips visit Trend health.

8- Leave regrets

It is a common observation that when people refrain from eating for longer periods of time, they ultimately crave. Based on your ability to self-control, tackling your sugar cravings can be different from person to person. It is human nature when your body craves sugar or any unhealthy food, you will eat it automatically.

However, regret after eating is a common phenomenon. However, it is important to know that regretting after eating can ultimately lead to anxiety which makes a person eat more. So, to make up a mistake you end up making a bigger one. So, have better control over your cravings to protect yourself and stay on track.

Bottom Line!

Your kidney health depends upon many factors and one among these is a healthy weight. If you want to minimize your risk of kidney problems, make sure you choose the right practices and get help from physicians when needed.


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