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A Comprehensive Guide on the Functions of TRA

The use of technology and technical equipment and tools is increasing with each passing day. In such situations, there must be someone to look after the quality of the equipment. TRA type approval is one of the quality measuring standards in UAE that focuses on bringing and supplying quality telecom equipment in and out of the country.

All the equipment connected to the network must pass through a quality check test to ensure that the equipment connected to the network provides no harm to it. Also, low-quality equipment emitting radio waves and radiations can harm the public in terms of health. The telecommunication regulatory authority is active; it performs certain functions and responsibilities to ensure that the equipment is safe to use for both the network and the public.

Below here, we will discuss in detail some of the primary functions of TRA.

Basic functions and objectives of TRA

There must be some standards to measure the quality of telecom equipment. If the equipment’s quality complies with the standards, such equipment must be sold and used. In UAE, this comparison of telecommunication tools and the criteria is the responsibility of the telecommunication regulatory authority, known as TRA.

Over the past years, the quality of the tools was important. There were no such standards available to keep a check and balance on the standard of the product. Things are now different in terms of quality as telecommunication regulatory authority has certain objectives, and performs some actions and functions to achieve those objectives.

Scroll down further to know some of the primary functions that telecom authorities perform.

1. Competitive market

One of the basic aims and functionalities of the TRA type approval is to increase the market competition. Taking such steps will help inspire the manufacturers and the suppliers to put forth quality products and terminal equipment by respecting the customers’ interests, needs, and expectations.

2. Quality assurance

Quality assurance of the terminal equipment is one of the greatest responsibilities and functions of the telecommunication authorities. They ensure quality by approving the quality test results from different laboratories and looking at the manufacturers’ supply documents. The supplier can provide evidence and proof of the equipment quality by submitting necessary documents and papers.

3. Certificate renewal

The approval for a single supplier or the manufacturer is valid for at least three years. It is the responsibility of the authorities to perform the steps in the renewal of the approval certificate. To get this renewal, manufacturers must provide them with certain documents.

The certificate is renewable if the equipment that was approved previously had no modifications and changes. If the equipment went through a modification step, the manufacturer must provide the quality test proving the telecom equipment complying with the standards.

4. Penalties and punishments

The telecom authorities’ important function is to identify the people or the suppliers who are selling or importing the telecommunication tools without approval and have no NOC. Identifying such entities and charging them with penalties and punishments by the authorities helps control the quality and ensure the market competition.

5. Issuing No objection certificate (NOC)

The manufacturer or the suppliers can further sell or supply the product when they have approval. They get this approval in the form of a no-objection certificate or NOC certificate. The NOC is a kind of permission for the import of approved equipment. The NOC defines that the telecom equipment has no issues and is ok to import.

6. Equipment availability at affordable prices

The authorities must ensure that the manufacturers do not have an extra burden on their shoulders, as all the steps to get the approval requires a lot of time, money, and effort. They make sure that the costs of getting approval are not a burden and are not higher. It will ultimately make the telecom equipment cost-effective for buyers and consumers.

Why monitoring the telecommunication equipment market important?

The telecom authorities conduct market monitoring sessions as a result of any complaint or issue in the product. They make quick review sessions in the market and may ask for the equipment’s test results to check if they comply with the standards.

Even the equipment that already has TRA type approval is also under observation and is suspected for an inspection.

Which equipment needs to get TRA approval?

All the terminal equipment must get the type of approval before its use in the market. The list of some equipment is as follows.

  • Cell phones
  • Modems and Routers
  • Cordless phones
  • Vehicle trackers
  • Multimedia systems
  • Fax machines
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smartwatches

Why your equipment need TRA approval?

TRA approval is important for your equipment to ensure that the equipment safe to use in one region is also safe in your country. It ensures your product’s quality and provides it a standard in the market and within the consumers and customers.

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