About Us

Welcome to The Primomate.

our primomate website is a multi purpose website. In this website we work for Technical support and suggestion. Actually our website is Tech related website but besides tech related topic we publish about science, health, news, reviews, different quote and so on.

We are about 10-11 members who work on this website patiently and we All-time try to publish which article affects positively your career and happy life.

When was Our Website launched and How ?

In the May 2020, A good Idea arrived in my Mind to create this website. I am Shakib Hasan and I was create the Primomate for helping the other people on May,2020

actually, I was thinking how can continue communication with the whole world and How I can be more known. I had a dream and my dream was every person in the world will know me anyway. So, I often thought how I will be famous person. But I was not finding any way.

So , I decided in the May 2020 that I will create a website and there I write and publish very useful article helping to the people and give them best suggestion.

I have decided that on depending on my teacher’s speech. My teacher told me that spread what I learned.

But It was difficult for me to understand which subject or topic am I more skilled or expert.

I was thinking and thinking and at last I decided to write about Tech, science and health related topic. Because I love to spend my time with the computer and mobile. So, I know some best than others 1 thousand people.

Later, I increased my knowledge on some additional topics with the help of my business partners and friends. Now I have a dream to publish this website to every person in the world. Pray for God bless.

About Owner of the website

The Name of the chief owner of the website is Shakib Hasan. Shakib Hasan is a student still now. Besides his study, he tries to improve his online skill and which skill he successfully achieved then he loves to write and publish here.

There are many skill that he achieved between Online and Offline. Every skill will be published here.