How to Add Table of Contents on WordPress with a plugin

Hi and Welcome. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show to How to add a Table of Contents on WordPress Website with a plugin. In the Previous tutorial, We had seen that How to add a custom table of content and smooth scroll on WordPress.

TO Automatically generate a table of contents for your posts, pages and custom post types by parsing its contents for headers you should follow the steps.

So, Let’s start and see first to last.

Activate Easy Table of Contents on WordPress

To add a TOC you have to install and activate a plugin named Easy Table of contents on WordPress. So to install that I will switch to my WordPress dashboard and click on Add New under the Plugins menu.

And then, Up here in the search bar I need to search for this keyword”Easy Table of contents” and select the first one.

Install and activate easy table of contents
Install and activate easy table of contents

It was activated on my website. So here is the active text showing. In your case, the Install button will appear here.

You have to click on Install and the activate to active this plugin.

As you activate the plugin you will notice an option under the settings menu named Table of contents on WordPress.

You have to click here and make some changes.

In my case, I will click on Table of contents from Setting menu from the dashboard of WordPress Admin area.

Since I just want to add it(TOC) for the post so I will tick the Post Box and Click on Save Changes after scrolling down.

easy table of contents plugin setup from WordPress
Easy table of contents set up

Ok, you can change all the things of the table of contents on WordPress from here such as Header level, display position, smooth scroll, hight-width, font size, color, and so on.

OK. You are all Done.

Now, If you want you can control the headers to display when you to publish a post.

To do that you have to ready to publish a post and scroll down to the bottom

and tick the header box which you want to display in the table of contents.

like that-

insert header as table of content on WordPress post

In the picture above you can see that I have ticked at the heading 2 and heading 3.

So, in this post the heading 2 and Heading 3 will be displayed as a table of contents.

Ok, I think you all are understood and don’t forget to drop a comment in the comment box below: Did this article help you?

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