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AT&T VS Verizon VS T-Mobile: Best 4G and 5G Coverage?

Who really has the most coverage T Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon? That’s exactly what I’m going to start telling you in this article. The race for coverage in this country has been pretty intense. I mean, as intense as telecommunication can be years ago. I remember watching commercials and each carrier would say, we have the number one most coverage in the country. Like, everyone would say that every carrier and to this day I still see advertisements like that. But who really has the most coverage. That’s what I’m going to discuss below in this article.

This is the ultimate cellular coverage comparison Roundup. We’re going to look at coverage maps for 4g and 5g for each of the major carriers and figure out who has the best coverage once and for all. And we’re going to look at where coverage is strongest and weakest for each carrier, so you know, which is best for your next carrier plan?

Now, even if you’re not going to go with one of the three major carriers, all of the smaller carriers like cricket, Google Fi, TracFone Wireless, and others all run off of these networks, so it’s just good info to have no matter what.

4G Comparision-AT&T VS Verizon VS T-Mobile:

Now, first off, let’s begin with 4g. Then let’s dig at the coverage maps as well as the percentages. Then, I’ll go into where coverage is best and worst for each carrier.

Now, as you can see Verizon has the most than AT&T and then T Mobile has the least coverage. Then we’re looking to begin with them. Although they have the least 4g coverage 62% isn’t bad. It’s just 8 percent below Verizon’s 4g Leader.

Now with that being said, if you’re in Nebraska, central Idaho, Oregon, Northwest Wyoming Maine, or West Virginia, you may want to look elsewhere for your cell phone coverage.

Next up we’re looking at AT&T they are second when it comes to coverage catching up to the coverage King, and only 2% behind at&t fills in some of T Mobile spottier coverage, but still has lackluster coverage in Nebraska, Montana, central Idaho parts of Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon northeast means still isn’t getting much love in terms of coverage.

We’re holding the best for the last time. The king or coating of 4g is Verizon with 70% nationwide coverage, although they have the most coverage in the US, they still have some spotty coverage areas in Maine, West Virginia, Kentucky, and scattered coverage across the Rockies and West Coast. Because Verizon has the most, we’re giving them the gold star with AT&T closely behind getting a silver star and T Mobile gets a bronze star.

5G Comparision-AT&T VS Verizon VS T-Mobile:

And then we’re switching to 5g coverage charts. T Mobile as the most 5G followed by AT&T and then Verizon. Now, because Verizon has the least amount of coverage at point .0014%, we are starting with their map.


As you can see their coverage is fairly minimal and you have to zoom in, pretty far to see any coverage in very specific cities. Now, Verizon coverage is also only available outside on the streets because the signal can’t penetrate buildings quite yet. So we’re going to zoom into Los Angeles so you can see how their coverage works and what it looks like.

Now some cities with 5g include Boston, Detroit, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

Next up, we have AT&T, they have a lot more coverage than Verizon, but 6% is still pretty minimal in the big scheme of things, now because AT&T has more coverage. That means all highlight states now not cities, the states with the most AT&T 5g coverage right now are New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio Rhode Island, and Maryland.

Lastly, we’re looking at T Mobile’s 5g coverage map which is pretty impressive at 38% nationwide coverage, you will find

T Mobile coverage in most states with the most coverage in New Jersey again, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Louisiana. Now the only state with no T Mobile five coverage in Alaska. Sorry about that. IF you are a T Mobile customer, you can switch your phone by unlocking t mobile phone free or paid method. So for 5g coverage, T Mobile gets the gold star AT&T gets the Silver Star again and Verizon gets the Bronze Star.

Conclusion :

If you want the most 4g coverage, go with Verizon, and if you want the most 5g coverage to go with T Mobile, it’s as easy as that. But before you really make a final decision, make sure that they do have coverage in your area, just because they have most doesn’t mean, they have it where you are. What I do want to know via the comment section. What network are you on right now?

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