One of The Best Way to Make passive income without Skill

There are many ways online you can use them and make money tonight. In this article, I will show you one of the Best Way to Make passive income and advice you on what need to do to make money without any skill.

If are you a beginner but want to make money without any investment then follow my advice.

I guarantied, following this easy process obviously you can earn money from begin.

Collect Some Money by Doing Some Simple Task

If you want to build an online business and dig the best way to make passive income there is no alternative to money.

So, first of all you should collect some money before staring a online business.

Because, when the question comes to business one thing need to keep in mind that you have many competitors. So, If you take step to build a business without having money, this won’t better to you.

Obviously, many of your competitors have too much money to increase their business value. You can’t get along with them if you go into business without money.

So first of all collect some money before digging the best way to make passive income.

Ok, Let’s know that how to collect a little money by doing simple task.

Ways to collect a little money

There are many way to collect a little money for free and the best way to make passive income will be shown here.

Social Media Marketing

You can do social media marketing. Social media marketing is a digital marketing business by which you can do freelancing and earn money easily. The example of social media is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youTube, Tiktok, Likee, and so on.

advice to do social media(FaceBook) marketing-

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Go to
  • collect some points from Addmefast and connect your Facebook page to get free unlimited likes.
  • When you will get 1M likes on your page, sell it for $250-$500.
  • or do social media marketing jobs in freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Do micro jobs in Marketplace

There are many marketplace from where you can earn a little money by doing micro jobs. Such as watching video,visiting website , follow on social media and so on.

There are some best way to make passive income with working on micro job’s marketplace.


Buy a domain and hosting

If you want to build your career by blogging and dig the Best Way to Make passive income then you must have a website. To make a Website obviously you have to purchase a Domain name for your website and a hosting to host your website on the internet.

There are many hosting providers in the world. But the world’s most popular hosting prover is Bluehost, NameCheap, and Godaddy.

You can purchase a domain and host from the following site but my recommendation is to Bluehost.


See here, how to purchase a domain and hosting from Bluhost

Create a website with WordPress

After Purchasing Domain and hosting the next step of the best way to make passive income is to create a website with WordPress CMS. Using WordPress You can create a dynamic website very easily.

You will get a cPanel. The means of the cPanel is a control panel where you can control your website’s data and files.

You have to make a website with WordPress. Because WordPress is the world’s Most popular open-source CMS by which you can make a dynamic website without any skill or coding knowledge.

So You have to Install WordPress to your website.

So To install it first you have to access your cPanel.

If you don’t find out you Cpanel first time go to your hosting provider and search for cPanel or check your Email’s inbox or spam folder

After switching to cPanel you may find an option named Softaculous app installer or WordPress.

You have to click on WordPress and install it.

If you can’t install WordPress please read How to make a website with WordPress

Write some article on your website to make passive income

After making a website with WordPress you need to publish some quality Articles in your blog.

Earning money from website isn’t depend on the number of published articles. It depends on the quality of your article and the marketing of your content.

I suggest you publish at least 20 quality-articles with a minimum of 700 words.

If you have some money You can hire a writer to write your blog post from the freelancing marketplace. There are many writers who are waiting to write your articles.

Besides, You can hire writers from the world most popular writing platform iWriter

Monetize your website with Google Adsense to earn passive money

When your website will be a good-looking site and have so many visitors then you can monetize your website with Google Adsense. This is the only best way to make passive income amazingly.

Google Adsense is a free Ad network and has a simple way to make money by displaying ads on your contents of the website.

This is the world’s most popular ad network and its earning opportunity is so high. If any visitors come to your website and click on any ads showing on your website, you will get up to 17 dollars per click.

Things to keep in mind to get google Adsense approval-

  • Don’t Copy paste from anywhere.
  • write 100% unique article .
  • must create some important page of your website like privacy, contact, terms&condintion, about us.
  • Publish at least 30 article minimum with 300+ words.
  • Do SEO of your articles
  • Wait to increase your domain age.
  • Don’t spamming
  • don’t manipulate to any people of religions
  • don’t give any wrong information on your website.
  • please abide by the rules of google adsense.


Marketing your Website

There are many ways to marketing your website. You can be marketing your content with a free and paid method.

Free Marketing

There are many best way to make passive income by marketing websites for free.

I will discuss with you that how can marketing your content for free.

Email Marketing

you can promote your website to many visitors by email marketing. So, to the marketing website with email. You should add some additional features to your website.

You can add an email subscription form on your website. If anybody comes to your website and likes your article then he will put his email on that form and subscribe to your website.

As a result, you will get his email. This is the best way to make passive income through marketing because if you do email marketing a lot of visitors will come to your website.

Since he is your targeted visitors, whenever you publish your next article you can email him to visit your article again. As a targeted customer he will obviously visit your website again.

What is SEO and how does it work

The meaning of SEO is search engine optimization.

If you do SEO your contents you will get organic visitors from Google.

The main purpose of seo is rank the article to search engine Result page(SERP) . If you can ranked your article doing SEO this is very easy to get more and more visitor to your website every day or every month.

SEO statistics by Forbes cite Borrell Associates to emphasize that in 2020, business in the united state of America will be spending as much as 80 billion Us dollars on SEO services. This is higher than in 2016 and 2018.

So, SEO is one of the best way to make passive income in the digital marketing industries.


Addmefast is an exchanging website from where you can get unlimited visitors to your website. This only way to get unlimited engage and the best way to make passive income working here.

You have to create an account there and collect some points by liking, following, or visiting some websites.

When you collect some points than you can get visitors to your website exchange for points.

Guest Post and backlink creation

Guest Post is a method of posting on other’s website for free or sometimes paid.

You can find free guest post’s website from internet or facebook or other social media and do guest posting to create some backlink of your website.

Backlink means to linked up your website to another website to get traffics or seo juice.

When you write guest posts on other websites by adding your website’s link then the visitors will come from those websites by clicking that link.

Paid Marketing

As I said Marketing is the main and best way to make passive income, there are many way to do paid marketing .

Hire Worker from Marketplace

You can hire worker from freelancer, upwork or fiverr to give him the work to give you more traffic to your website.

Or you can hire worker to do SEO of your content to rank on Google.

For everything you have to pay them.

Post job on Picoworkers

Picoworkers is an online marketplace for doing micro-jobs. There are many micro jobs workers here.

You can add a account there and deposit some money to post a job.

Then you can job a post to visit your website. You may have to pay $0.03 for each visit to your website.

If you don’t have the money you can first work here as a worker to collect some money

Count the Passive money

All Done. You are successfully digged the way to make your career healthy. Now, this is the time of counting Money. HaHa

If you cover all the things that I have showed you, Your monthly income will accounted on your bank account at the last of the month

There have nothing to do later without counting your money.

At least $1000 will your monthly revenue if you can get 1M visitor to your website From European country.

It will very best way to make passive income If you can bring visitors from the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, your income will be the highest.

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