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Create one time payroll check in

Making paying employees simple by setting up a payroll schedule in QuickBooks desktop payroll schedule lets QuickBooks remember your pay periods, who you need to pay. And when your checks go out, so you don’t need to fill those in every time you create paychecks. These steps are the same for all versions of QuickBooks desktop payroll. Here’s how to create a payroll schedule, first select employees, then select a payroll center. Next, select payroll schedules, in new. Now, give your schedule a descriptive name and select how often you’ll pay your employees. If you’re paying people twice a month. Remember to pick to check dates and then the day you want the checks to go out.

Once you’re done, select OK QuickBooks will ask if you want to automatically assign your employees with the same pay frequency to this schedule, whenever you add employees to QuickBooks, you set up their pay frequency. So now we can automatically add all employees that get paid weekly to the weekly payroll schedule we just created. This lets you avoid assigning employees to your schedule one by one. When you’re ready to use this scheduled payroll, just select employees, and then pay employees, and choose scheduled payroll. Then select a payroll schedule, and choose the start scheduled payroll QuickBooks will automatically remember your pay period.

who you are paying. And when your checks will go out. And that’s it. You’re now ready to create your scheduled payroll and make paying your employees a breeze.

 Assignment: Create an Excel

Welcome to assignment number one for Microsoft excel. We need to go through some of the things that you see in any spreadsheet. First of all the spreadsheet is designed in organized cells, just like in a game battleship where one by such as G six to enter in information into a cell you simply click it and start typing. And so I’m going to type employee payroll. Press Enter. And you’ll notice that this cell, even though it extends into column B really it is only in one.

Assignment: Now let’s use Excel as a payroll

We’re going to keep track of the hours that our employees work this week, and we’ll keep track of their wages. So first of all, we need to put some column headings in. So, I’m going to put in the title, last name, and then the first name, and then I’m pressing the tab between these keys so that it moves the selection to the right, hourly wage. And then I’m going to put in the date, let’s say January 1, and press enter. Over here I’m going to say that this is the hours worked. And this is their total pay so the word pay. Now you notice you can expand a column by clicking between the column headers like between D and E. Now you can see the whole word.

The next thing you need to do is to invent some names so you get to come up with about 20 names, maybe 15 for your employees. Now you can see that I’ve invented the last names and first names. And now I’m going to give them an hourly wage each person makes about $15 or so in some numbers here. You’ll notice when you type in numbers they are right justified. When you type in the person’s name and your spreadsheet that they’re left-justified. That’s just a convention that Microsoft Excel uses so that you can identify letters versus numbers. Now one of the items that you will most commonly use in Excel is formatting.

These are all hourly wages. I’m going to select this range with my mouse by clicking and dragging the first square is actually highlighted even though it’s white. The other ones are gray. But what I want to do is change them into a currency so click on the dollar sign up here. And you notice that they all become dollar signs. Now let’s invent a number for each of the employees for how well they worked, the average workweek for a full-time person is about 40 hours. After giving each employee a number of hours. We’re going to start working with formulas over here on this line, this square in e4. I’m going to create a calculated number, a calculated cell. If a person gets $10 and 90 cents an hour, they work for 40 hours. How much do they get paid? Well fortunately the calculations in Excel are quite easy to do on my keyboard and you’ll notice up here in this area called the formula bar, we have an equal sign, as well as the equal sign in the cell. Now I’m going to click on the cell that has the wage in it.

The letters c four are entered into the formula bar c four is the wage, $15, and 90 cents. Now I want to multiply 1590. So I’m going to press the shift in the 80, which is the multiply sign. And then I’m going to click the 40, the dots, the number of hours that this person worked. So my formula is equal to, c four times the number that’s in cell D four. When I press enter. It’ll tell me that this person gets $636. If you go and change some of these numbers such as we added on our here, and I type 41 and press enter. The calculation is automatically updated. When you double click on a cell that has a formula, you will see that the colors correspond to the cells that you clicked, so C four is in blue, which is this number, and D four is in red, kind of press ENTER again. And it shows the numbers again. Microsoft Excel has a nice feature where you can copy and paste formulas if I right-click on this cell and choose Copy. And then I click in the next cell and choose Paste,

 Automatically calculate

it’ll automatically calculate the next line. You can also highlight a range, and choose right-click, and it will fill down, where all of those numbers are. Why does this one look like it looked like railroad tracks where there were a bunch of pound signs. It’s because the value is actually too large to be held in this cell. So I need to make the column a little bit wider. And now it becomes visible. Another way to fill down, if you want to, you can go to the corner of a cell where there’s a little green dot. And if you click exactly on the corner and drag your mouse down. It will also fill down the values in that column. And so now I’ve quickly calculated the pay for every single employee. One more thing that we’re going to do with this formula is we’re going to add a few lines at the bottom. I want to know who is the maximum. Press Enter. Who is the minimum press enter, what is the average pay? And what is the total pay these numbers max, min average, and total are just numbers But over here in this column Put in a corresponding formula?


Microsoft Excel has hundreds of formulas that are predefined. Here’s one of them. He types in the equal sign. And then you type the word, max. Notice that these automatically drop-down menus that show that this is one of the formulas that Excel knows about. After typing max I use the open parentheses, which is the shift key and nine to drag my mouse across a range of cells, till they come to the very top, release the mouse button, and press shift in zero to do close parentheses so what this will do it will give me the maximum of all of these cells, the maximum person is getting $45 an hour. And so you can see in this line here that Trent man is making 45 an hour. Now I’d like to know who the minimum is so I’m going to do the same process type equals sign in open parentheses, and drag my mouse across a range.

Tell it what the minimum is after press Shift and zero. Enter, and look at the lowly person in my office who is getting $6 and 90 cents.¬† Now what’s the average employee, well I can type in equals and then Av. And you see there’s a bunch of formulas for average, I just want this most simple one I’m going to choose average. I’m going to select the range. close parentheses, and press enter.the average employee makes $16 and 48 cents. Okay, let’s take this range here, of three different formulas, highlight it, right-click it with a mouse, copy it, click in the next column over, right-click and paste. And now you see that we have the maximum, the minimum, and the average for the number of hours that are being worked.

Now you notice that these values are listed as dollars, they’re actually not dollars, the number of hours that the persons are working. So I want to change these formattings. Back to general numbers. Up here in the ribbon, where you will find the number formatting area, there’s a small arrow that if you click, it will bring up a dialog box that shows all different types of formatting for numbers. I’m going to select General, And click ok

Now, why does this number have so many decimal places in it? It’s because we are computing an average, it would be nice if we would just round these off to maybe the 10th, the 10th place, or the hundreds place. So let’s go to the zeros here. And we’re going to decrease the decimals that we’re rounding to so to the nearest 10th is good enough for us. So now we have the number of hours maximum, minimum and average for our employees here in column D. For column E, we can also find the min, the maximum, the minimum, and the average as well. So let’s highlight this group, I’m going to select this bottom right corner and drag to the right. And it feels to them right now and shows me that these are the maximum dollars that someone made the minimum dollars and the average.

Once more, these are dollar figures, these are not hours. So let’s change these to the dollars format. So I’m going to click up here on the dollar sign. And now we have the average, the maximum and the minimum in the salary for this week. So now we’ve created the maximum, the minimum, and the average for each of these columns, columns C, D, and E. We haven’t done anything yet with a total. For the total, let’s find out what the total number of hours worked was. And let’s find out the total number of wages. So for the word sum, we type equals sum and that will give us the total as to shift to nine. And then I’m going to select a range here. I’m going to select all of the hours worked, close parentheses, and Enter. And you’ll see that there were 695 hours worked in my shop. Now I’m going to fill this to the right. And shows that I made a lot more money for wages this week. The last thing we should do is put our name at the top so maybe see one is a good place. ways your name, press enter. Save the spreadsheet, print it and you’re done with assignment number one for Excel.

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