How to Earn from YouTube [ Best 4 Ways]

YouTube is a world-famous online video platform where people come to know different things and get entertainment. YouTube gives the right to its users to make a business. I will show in this article how to earn from Youtube. You can generate passive income through YouTube.

Actually there are many way to earn from YouTube. In this article I am gonna show you some of them.


Earn From Google Adsense

YouTube gives the right to the users to earn From youtube through Google adsense. It has a privacy policy to monetize with Google Adsense. If any user abide by the rules of YouTube policy and get 1k subscriber and 4k watch time than he can monetize his channel with Google Adsense.

When monetizing with Google Adsense things to keep in mind-

  1. Don’t publish any copy content
  2. Don’t manipulate to any person or religion
  3. Do work according to Your Privacy policy
  4. Do’t break the YouTube rules

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Earn From Sponsor’s Advertisement

If You have a few subscribers and viewers then you can obviously get sponsorship from the biggest companies like Food Panda, Pepsico, IBM, Puma, Adidas, and so on.

But for getting those sponsorship you must have a good YouTube channel with most views and subscriber and good contents.

That’s it.

If you apply for sponsorship they will review your channel and let you know that weather are you eligible or not.


Earn by selling Product

If you have a good Youtube channel then you can earn from Youtube by selling your own products.

Suppose, you can make many digital product such as web design template, graphics design template or any more then you can offer your viewers at a cheap rate to buy your products.

As a result, you can make a passive income and acquire trusted from your viewers. Trust is very important thing to get along in any business industries.

So, it can be very necessary way to complete your dream. Carry on.


Earn by Promoting Channel,Product or Others

If you have a good YouTube channel, you will see many person requesting you to promote themselves or their products such as Mobile Application, website or any usable products.

You can demand a little or big money for doing this. And obviously they will give you money and promoted their product by your channel .

Thank you.

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