How to Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense

Hi and Welcome. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to earn money from youtube without AdSense. It is the world’s most popular Ads network by which people can make passive income from YouTube and any more.

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Earn Money From Youtube by Selling Your Own Product

If You can represent anything well, any product or digital product’s review you may hope to get income from making Youtube video. This is very easy to earn money from youtube by selling different types of products, digital products and so on.

For that, You would make network first to the people of same industries. Suppose, You are interested in making digital products related video like Audiobook, video book, photography, videography and anymore, you can network to the people who also interested in this subject.

When You can be able to benefit them, You will get more subscribers on YouTube channel. Then, You can offer the people a couple of cheap rate products for sale.

Using this method, You can sell your own product and Earn money easily From Youtube without google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing in Amazon or Worrior+ Through YouTube

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

You can choose a product from and make a video according to this product’s facilities and necessity. You have to make a video reviewing to the product and put a link of this product in the video description box.

You should offer the people to buy this product by clicking the link that you have provided in the video description.

Product review should by am amazing and awesome or not you will get any Engadget .

You can choose products from Amazon, Worrior+, click-bank or any alternative website. find out these from google.

Beside that. You can join to the affiliate programs of many websites like Bluehost and Fiverr.

See here the best high paying affiliate programs

Earn money with Sponsorship

If you get in the best place in the market and the topper of the market see that many people are following you or your video then they offer you to promote their product on Your channel.

If a couple of people watch your video i.e respond to your video. That means you have a regular average of 5000 views then you can take sponsorship from different companies.

People who get a lot of views on the channel and get a lot of engage but can’t monetize the channel can earn a good amount of money.

There are different types of products for sponsorship, there are apps, there are many website or companies who provide sponsorship.

You will often see that in some video youtubers review a app and on the description box they include the app link. This means that he has sponsored that app. Very simple.

SuperChat Donation in YouTube Live

If you make a live video on YouTube, there are a lot of comments on that live video you see. So, you may not be able to answer all the comments due to reading a lot of comments there.

Who needs to know the answer, he can easily find out the answer from you by donating to you through super chat.

If he donates to you then his question/comment will stay highlight on the top for a while. Then you can see the comment and reply to him.

So, if your channel is fairly well known and everyone accepts your valuable words then you can come live earn money from youtube without google Adsense through Superchat.

There are a lot of viewers not just to know the answer but to promote their business they want their comments to be the first. So, they will donate and grow their business or know the answer. For this, you must be much more valuable and your answers must be necessary.

Get Income By promoting Business in YouTube

Suppose you have a youtube channel and your youtube channel has a lot of views. And the viewers in your video responds a lot.

So what you can do is you can start your own business. suppose, you can start blogging with WordPress or making a website to do affiliate marketing and others. And easily you can drive the audience from youtube to your website or business. This is the plus point for you.

you probably know that blogging can be a great way to earn money from Youtube. Because the CPC of the Google Adsense in blogging rate is much higher than YouTube.

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