FIV: Always keep hope and believe

Sabrina is the happy mother of 2 beautiful children. 

But before all this, she had to go through a heavy PMA journey… and then a miracle… Here is her testimony.


Eight years ago, my husband and I decided to start a family.

So I stopped taking the pill I had been taking since I was 15 years old.

We have a good year of all kinds of frolics and attempts to stand on a pear tree before going to see the gynecologist.

A year goes by, then a second one before I decide to go see the gynecologist.

Blood tests, gynecological exams, hormone treatment and injections to trigger my ovulations. All done by the doctors at Enlistalo Fertilidad Mexico.

And, of course, scheduled intercourse because I had to have it at specific times. Can you imagine yourself leaving a meal with friends because you absolutely have to try your best to try to get your most precious treasure?

We laugh about it today, but at the time it was less fun and less cool.

Nothing helps, still nothing, so we decide to stop trying for a baby and plan our wedding with the idea that we’ll think about it more and it will work.

Here we are at the end of 4 years of attempts, to always live together.

No little bit in sight to our biggest despair and to my biggest sadness because all my friends are starting to have children around us. One pregnancy announcement follows another and tears flow more and more on my face.


We decide to take things into our own hands and to go to a university hospital to see specialists. We are made to do a lot of exams (which we should have done 4 years ago already), conclusion: we lost time.

We are told that my husband’s small spermatozoa are not very vigorous and that I only have a functional ovary because the tube on the right is blocked. Maybe that’s why I’m sometimes a bit wobbly!!!!!

In short, we are being directed towards IVF.

It’s a big step in our lives with all the tests, oocyte and sperm retrieval, operations…. and I’m not talking about the injections for stimulation.

The laboratory technicians try to do their best and 6 embryos are produced.

The first implantation will be a failure, and then we move on to the second, where we are told that this is our last chance before starting all over again, because only one of them has held out and is viable.

The appointment was made the day after France’s victory in the World Cup.

Maybe it was a sign because this little “Serge” – as he was nicknamed as soon as he was implanted – will become a beautiful baby called Mahé 8 months later.


Our little boy will have pointed his little nose up on March 13, 2019 for our greatest happiness.

After having taken full advantage of him during his first months of life, we discuss again with my husband to make an appointment to start a second IVF.

Knowing that I had a caesarean section, I had to wait a year before I could start the protocols again.

And by a miracle 6 months after the birth of our son, I became pregnant NATURALLY without anything, without treatment.

Today I am the mother of two beautiful children (yes, I am like all mothers, my children are the most beautiful of all), a boy and a little girl who came to fill us with happiness on June 20th.

Of course these are 2 pregnancies close together with their share of risks that we were aware of, but all this to tell you that nature always ends up doing things well and that we must keep HOPE in any situation.

I am not a special case and I hope that through this testimony I will be able to give you this little glimmer that we all look for somewhere when the trials are difficult and especially when our morale is at its lowest.

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