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I am going to share with you some awesome things about search engine optimization in this free SEO course that you might not know before. Even all the search engine related issues will discuss in this course. SO, if you want to learn SEO and build your freelancing career then today’s post is just for you. Hope you will read the whole post with attention.

The means of SEO is search engine optimization. This post is about how to easily bring any content to the Google search result.

It will be very useful for everyone who is a beginner or advance. Since the whole SEO issues have been discussed here, therefore the post has become a bit big. If you want to learn something well, you have to spend a little more time obviously, isn’t it?

We have first divided the whole SEO course into five parts.

And in this free course, I used very simple sentences & word so that everyone can understand and even who know less English.

Complete SEO Couse plan for everyone

SEO course plan
SEO course plan

For your convenience, we have divided the entire free SEO course into five parts.

In these five steps, any SEO project can be completed from start to finish. And I promised you, I won’t talk any nonsense sentence when we will get to the main stage of the free course.

And I will try to explain it to you in a very good way and very well. So, I kindly request you to read attentively.

Let’s take a look at a summary of what we will discuss in this SEO tutorial

 free SEO course process
free SEO course process

Let’s go to the main episode.

Introduction of SEO

Welcome to the first episode of this free course on behalf of Primomate. In this episode, we are going to gain a general introduction to SEO. This episode is not for those who are advance. This is for beginners only.

In this episode we will learn-

So, let’s get started.

What is SEO?

The literal meaning of the word SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

From this, we can guess what it means. It’s about optimizing with the Google search engine.

The matter can be understood more clearly if we think in practical terms.

Suppose, I want to buy a mobile. Now to buy the mobile, I need to know the price of this. Now how do I know this Price???

Maybe I will go to the mobile shop and find out the price. Otherwise, I will do a Google search to find out the price of the mobile.

Suppose I went to (Google.com) to search about mobile prices and I typed mobile prices in California and did a Google search.

As we search, we will see that several mobile shop related websites will have arrived on the Google Search engine result page (SERP). We will see in this SEO course freely why it moves forward.

Have you ever wondered that if you search by typing something in Google, how many websites will come up in SERP(search engine result page)? Did the owner of the website pay Google for this?

No, Dude. In fact, the optimizations that make these websites appear on the SERP  are called SEO(search engine optimization).  

In a nutshell, the optimization of my website with a search engine is called SEO. We will see step by step all the things in this free course or SEO.

The main goal of SEO is to make my website appear first when people search on Google for the topic of my website. Hope you understand what it is.

Now, perhaps a question comes to mind as to why there is so much discussion around a simple subject like SEO and why it is so important.

I will discuss this matter in the next step of this free course-.

Importance of SEO

Number 1 ranking in Google due to SEO

In this part of the free course, we will learn about the importance of SEO.

Before we learn about the importance of it, let’s first look at a statistic.

SEO statistics by Forbes cite Borrell Associates to emphasize that 2020, business in the united state of America will be spending as much as 80 billion Us dollars on SEO services. This is higher than in 2016 and 2018.

Can you guess why such a big industry has sprung up for this small subject? why people are spending so much money to do SEO?

Let’s unravel the mystery –

Traditional marketing system
Digital Marketing

First, we need to understand that SEO is a big part of digital marketing. So to learn the SEO course, we must have an idea about free marketing or digital marketing.

So, to understand the importance of SEO, let us first discuss traditional marketing.

It is seen in the traditional market that the seller tries to find a buyer all time and always has to pay for the advertisement to sell his product.

But in SEO, Once he works hard and gets ranked in Google, then there is no need to do.

So, SEO isn’t compared to the traditional market.

Now let’s deepley understand why it is so important.

Importance of SEO-free seo course
Importance of SEO

Laser Targeted Traffic:

Suppose, you are watching a movie on television. You will notice that sometimes an advertisement came in a hurry to watch the movie.

You didn’t expect it, but it came to you. So you are not a laser target audience for this product.

It turns out that in this process the advertisement of a man’s product goes to the woman and the woman’s product goes to the man. This process shows that everyone is advertised for the product at random.

So, they do not get targeted customers. This is the biggest weakness of the traditional marketing system and a lot of money has to be spent here.

But in the case of SEO, it’s the complete opposite.

In the previous example, I said I want to buy a mobile and so I went to Google and typed Mobile price in California.

Then from there, I entered a website and I gained knowledge about everything on mobile. And if I like the mobile then I bought a mobile from them.

What happened?

They got a customer very easily because they did SEO.

In this case, the customer that is coming to your website is super laser targeted traffic. [ Good to say, traffic means all the customers who enter and visit your website. ]

It is seen in the traditional market that the target customer is not available.

High Conversion rate:

In this process, we are able to generate high conversion rates.

What do we mean by a High conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the ratio of how many customers come to your store and how many customers buy your product.

Suppose, 100 customers come to your store and 10 customers buy products from you. Then the conversion rate of your store  is 10%

In the case of SEO, since the customer has entered your website through Google search, the chances of buying the product from you are much higher. So, this is called high conversion rate.

Now you can say is SEO just for  the  product ?

NO dude. You can do SEO of your article and any more. Whatever the purpose of your website, the percentage of achieving that purpose is much higher because of doing SEO.

If you can get to the first position of SERP by doing SEO then people will come to your website for free and buy your product for free. You don’t have to pay extra for this to Google.

Super Strong Band value:

Moreover, SEO helps to increase the brand value of any company. If a person searches Google and enters a company’s website, the name of that company is set to his sub-conscious mind.

As a result, the brand name becomes more familiar to the people. This thing plays a very important role in business.

So, we have learned in this part of the free SEO course why SEO is very Importance.

  1. Laser Targeted Traffic.
  2. High Conversion rate.and
  3. Super Strong Band value

SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

In this part of the free SEO course, we will learn about SERP. The full meaning of SERP is the ‘search engine result page’.

The page on which the results are displayed after searching for something is called SERP.

like this-

serp-free seo course
serp(search engine result page)

Search box:

The box in which the people search by typing something is called a search box.

Google search box-free seo course
Google search box


The word we search inside the search box is called the keyword. This is a very important term in SEO.

Throughout the free SEO course you will hear the word ‘keyword’ over and over again.

In the picture below the keyword is best mobile 2020

Keyword-free seo course
Keyword-seo tutorial

When we search for a keyword on Google, Google reveals the information based on that keyword.

Basically , Google offers us links to various websites based on ranking when we search for everything by typing keyword.

Menu of Search engine

SERP has a number of menus such as All, Image, video, maps and more.

Google shows results that are best for us based on the keywords that are searched.

Suppose you search by typing the name of a place, then Google will show you the map of this place.

like this-

place based keyword
place based keyword

When you search for a movie by typing its name, Google will show you the movie in the  SERP.

like this-

movie based keyword

You can also view different things manually from the menu if you want. Just you need to click on the image, if you want to see the image, click video if you want to watch the video. That’s simple.

We have learned about the search engine result page in this part of free SEO course

  • search box
  • keyword
  • menu

How does search engine work:

We all have an idea that Google knows everything.

No dude. Actually, Google knows nothing. Google can only show you the way. He only knows what is available anywhere.

Librarian vs Google-

You can compare Google to a librarian. Suppose, the whole internet world is a very big library and Google is a librarian.

Now you go to the library and look for a book of Shakespeare.

What will happen?

You won’t find the book very easily. But if you want to know about the book from the librarian, he will show it to you very easily. Because he knows where the book is.

Google plays a similar role. Basically, you can search on Google and collect links to a website from Google. Google can give nothing more than links.

Then of course a question is coming to your mind how Google does it. In fact, there are some automatic software of Google these are called Google’s Spider or Crawler or  Bot.

Google’s bot

This automatic software travels around the world in 24 hours and seeing that is any new website has come, is something new has been added to a website, is something that has been changed on a website and so on.

Let’s look a very nice thing through an example

number of Goolge search result
number of Goolge search result

In the picture above, I searched for Best Mobile 2020. Have you noticed one thing?

In about half of a second Google showed about 8 billion results. Surprised? See, how intelligent and active Google is.

Of course, the question that came to your mind was how Google did it.

As I said before, Google’s Bot travels around the World 24 hours a day and stores various data and information in its own repository. When someone searches for something they need, Google quickly retrieves all the information from its database.

And then it shows people the actual result in the SERP.


Indexing means letting Google know that your website has posted on a particular subject. And allowing Google to come to your website and keep your information in its repository.

If you allow goolge to collect your data then google’s bot will come to your website and collect your data to its repository and when anybody search on google then google will try to show your content to him.

There have a software of Google to allow indexing to your website.

the name of this software is Google search console


The Process of controlling whether Google’s bot will come to your page or not is called robot.txt.

If you want, you can block Google’s bot from appearing in certain pages of your website. You can control this process by robot.txt file/function

This process is used to protect personal safety. Sometimes you have needed privacy. Then if you want, you can tell Google Bot that  “Mr. Google please don’t come to my page and don’t store my data to your repository.”

You can do that by Robots.txt. We will see later how will you do it .

So, In this part of free SEO course, we have known how does search engine work and about indexing and robots.txt.

The raking factor of SEO

 In this episode of the free SEO course we will discuss about ranking factor.

When we search for something on Google, we must notice that there is a website first position, and another is a second position and 1 more is the third position.

Have you ever wondered? That’s why it’s decorated number one and number two position? It could have been at number 10 position, and it could have been at number 20 position.

The factors that make the website number 1 or number 2   are called raking factors.

If we know about these ranking factors then we can optimize well according to this ranking factor. And easily we can get the number one position on Google.

What will be the benefit for us if we go to Google ranked ?

The answer is that More traffic/visitors will come to our website. So, we will benefit more from this.

Google analyzes the 200+ factors to rank the best website. But Google doesn’t publish their ranking factors.

If Google does it, then Google will have to face a lot of losses. Because then people will focus on the ranking factor without looking at the quality of their content. As a result, Google will not be able to provide accurate information.

But many SEO experts have been able to find out some ranking factors through a lot of research. And they say ” We cannot guarantee about 200.”

Backlinko my favourite Exhibitor published Google’s 200 Ranking Factors .You can see this.

Anyway, I will discuss the top five ranking factors here which of course you should know.

Ranking Factors -free seo course
Ranking Factors of SEO

Content Quality:

Content quality is one of the most important factors in SEO for any search engine.

If your content doesn’t have the quality, then there will not be any benefit to you doing SEO. Even if you come to the ranking by force, you won’t last long. Google will get you out by giving a penalty if you do black hat SEO.

So, this is a very important issue in the case of SEO. So, when you write content, you must try to write high-quality content.

We will discuss later how to write high quality content.

Domain factors:  

After content quality, the most important factor in SEO is the domain factors.  

Domain factors mean how old the domain is, how is the authority of the domain, what is the value of the domain in this industry, and so on.

Based on all these things, Google justifies and gives a place to you in its ranking.

User interaction:

User interaction is such a wonderful thing! and you can’t  imagine how Google tracks user interaction.

Suppose, I did a search engine search. After searching, a page came up and I entered that page.

Google tracks how long had I been on that page, was I active as scroll down in that page, how much have I done if I scroll, did I  go to another page from that page or went straight out from this page.

That means how was my activities since I entered that page. All of this information is tracked by Google and Google ranks a website according to that information.

I mean, you can’t imagine that Google tracks every single moment of your traffic/visitors.

If the quality of your content is not good then the activity of the visitors will not be good. As a result, even though you are in the ranking by SEO, you will fall down again in a few days.

That’s why user interaction is a very important part of SEO.

Onsite factors:  

The on-site factors include how Onpage optimization is of your website, how long it takes for your website to load, is your content okay, have any title or sub-title on your article, and so on.

These we will look at practically later. To doing onpage-optimization you can use some WordPress plugin if your website is made by WordPress.

such: Yoast SEO , Rank math and so on.

Offsite factors:

The most important of the offside factors is the Backlinks.

If you want to come to Google ranking, you must create more and more backlink in the proper way. The number of backlinks needs to be higher than your competitors. then, you will get the ranking very easily.

We will see in practically how to create this backlinks and what are the backlinks. And that’s why this is so important.

Google has developed an algorithm that combines all the ranking factors. And if you do SEO according to the rules of Google algorithm, then you can rank your website.  

So, In this part of the free SEO course, We have gained an Idea about some factors which will help you to rank on Google very much.

Few Common word /terms of SEO

In this part of the free SEO tutorial course, we will learn about some of the common words that are very important for doing SEO.

If you do not know these words, you will not be able to learn well from the internet and reading this course.

Common terms-free seo course
Common words or terms in SEO

#1.Web Page:

Any page on the internet is called webpage. A website can have different types of pages inside.

The main page of the website is the Home page. The other pages of a website are about page, privacy page, contact us page, single post page and so on.

#2.URL, Link, Back link, inbound link, Outbound link

URL:When we are on a website, the text/link we see in the address bar of the browser is called URL

Link:  If a URL of a certain page is placed on another web page , it is called a link. When we click on a link, we will leave the webpage or even ever website that we were on and go to the linked website.

Backlink:  If your website’s link is on another website then it’s your backlink. I have said before that it is very important is SEO.

So, we have to understand this very well.

Suppose , I put a link on my website called (www.google.com)

Now if someone clicks on this link, he will go directly to Google. That means Google got a backlink from my website.


If you are not clear then you can comment in the comments box below.

You should create more and more backlinks for your website to do Off-page SEO.

By requesting to another relevant website you can get high-quality backlinks. Besides, there are thousands of the process to create backlinks for your website.

Read this article How to create high quality backlink to rank on Google

Inbound link:  Inbound link similar to backlink. Mind it to clear, ‘In’ means to ‘Enter’.   That means, when the link is clicked, the visitor enters your website is called an Inbound link.

Outbound link:  Clicking on the link on your website takes the visitor out is called  Outbound link. I think you all understand.

You will understand more if you notice the above example.

I gave a link to Google on my website. This is the outbound link for my website. Because when someone clicks on this link he goes out of my website. And that is Inbound/backlink for Google.

#3.Content :

Everything that is on webpage is content such audio, video, images ,text, different file, link and so on.


anyone who enters your website is your visitor or traffic.

#5.Conversion rate:  

It has been said before. the ratio of how many customers came to your store and how many customers bought your product is called Conversion rate. Purchasing a product means fulfilling its purpose.

#6. Keyword:  

The keyword is the topic that is searched on Google or other search engine.

#7. Meta Information:

The information that is attached to the backed of any content is called meta information. Meta information is an important part of SEO.

Because Google can see your meta information and understand what your website is about. The main part of meta information is the meta title and the meta description.  

#8.Types of SEO-

White Hat:

The optimizations that are valid in SEO are called white hat SEO. Things that are legal should be done in  White Hat SEO.

Throughout our free SEO tutorial course, we will follow the white hat SEO. Because white Hat SEO is completely safe.

 Black hat:  

Black hat SEO is the method that we can use to get into the Google ranked for a temporary period by tricking Google’s eye. Black hat SEO can be done in different ways.

E.g.  Numerous backlinks can be created by some software. Creating lots of backlinks may get you to the Google ranking but it won’t last long.

 The  more example of Black hat SEO is: [we should know it]

  1. Paid link:  paid link is an example of black hat SEO where we will give money to other websites for the backlink to my website. So, in this process backlinks are bought with money.
  2. Spam comment: Giving a link to your website in a comment on another website is called a spam comment
  3. Duplicating content: Copying content from other places and pasting it on your own website is called duplicating content.
  4. Hidden text: Posting by matching the font color with the background color is called hidden text. Hackers occasionally use this method to hack the identity of other people.  They do it because people think there is not text here but there is actually text here and often link.
  5. Keyword stuffing: The keyword stuffing method is adopted through hidden text. Some hidden keywords are posted which people can’t see but Google can see. It is called keyword stuffing.

Suppose, there is a word that can be added to the content very easy to come in the ranks of Google. But visitors don’t expect that word. So, you did keyword stuffing by hiding that text. It is very simple but a threat to survival.


hidden text-Free SEO course
hidden text

We will never do this because by doing this we will be in the ranks for a temporary period but it will not last long.

If Google gives you a penalty once, you will never be in the ranking again.

 ❌Gray hat:  

The gray hat SEO is the middle position between the white hat SEO and black hat SEO. As a beginner, this method is also a risk for us. So, we won’t follow such a method.

#2 Keyword research in free SEO course

In this episode of free SEO course we will learn-

types of keyword based on Intent

before doing keyword research, we all need to know the type of keyword well. In this episode, we will learn about the types of keywords.

 So let’s get started-

types of keywords-free SEO course
types of keywords-based on intent

We can divide the whole keywords based on intent into two main parts. Notice the image above

Non-commercial Intent Keywords

The keywords that people use to search Google are not for buying anything is called non-commercial keywords.

people search by typing how to+ anything or what is + anything just to know about these subjects.

People search by typing these keywords just to get information .There is no commercial intention in this keyword.

Commercial Intent Keywords

The keywords that are involved in commerce are called a commercial intent keyword.

You can understand better by looking at the picture above. People search for something to buy typing these keywords.

Those of you who want to sell a product can use all these keywords.

When you work for a client or do your own work, you must first understand whether the website is commercial or non-commercial.

Understanding this matter, you need to do research keywords. If you see the site is a commercial site then you will use these keywords.

Suppose, you sell food on your site or sell clothes then you can use keywords such:

  • Pizza price 2020
  • Man shirt review
  • Best food review

Types of keyword based on length:

In the previous step we saw the types of keyword based on the intent .Now we will look at the types of keyword based on its length.

The only reason to give you an idea about these keywords is to make it easier for that you can understand when you go to work for a client or in an industry.

In order to adapt to the SEO world, you must have an idea about all these keywords.

So, please read attentively –

We can divide the keyword into three parts based on length.

types of keyword based on length-free seo course
types of keyword based on length

#1 Generic Keyword/ Head Keyword

Generic keyword means absolutely the original keyword.

If you think of the camera industry , then camera is the generic or head keyword.

This keyword extends across vast areas and this keyword has a large audience. So, the difficulty of doing SEO with this keyword is much higher. Generic keywords are usually one or two words

Example: ➡DSLR Camera

***There could be any DSLR camera here. There has no mention of a specific camera company/brand or camera model here. So, this keyword refers to all the DSLR cameras in the world.

#2 Board Match Keyword

Broad match keyword is the name of a keyword that is a little bigger than a generic keyword.

This keyword specifies an industry. Broad match keywords are usually between 3 to 4 words.

Example:➡ Nikon DSLR Camera

***Here it is seen that a camera brand name is mentioned. But there is no mention of any camera model. So, this keyword refers to all the cameras in the Nikon band.

#3 Exact Match Keyword

Exact match keywords consist of four or more words. This keyword is called long or Long-tail keyword.

The exact match keyword is created by adding a tail to the broad match keyword to make it more specific.


➡Nikon DSLR Camera for landscape photography

➡Nikon  D5  DSLR Camera

***Here ‘Nikon DSLR Camera’ is the broad match keyword. By adding the text ‘for landscape photography’ to this keyword, it became an exact match keyword .what happened by doing this?

In this way, our whole keyword has become a specific keyword .

This keyword helps a lot in meeting the needs of the customer. That means, the Customer get exactly what they want through this keyword.

It is easy to rank Google with this keyword although its search volume is a little low .Because, the competition on these keywords is sometimes very low.

Ok, Hope you got a basic idea about keyword research.

From now on, I will show you practically how to do keyword research. So, stay turned-

So, We have learned in this episode of free SEO course about Keywords. Next We will see how to do research a Good keyword.

HINTS: You Should select the long tail Keyword for SEO.

Process of keyword research in the free SEO course

In the keyword research section of the SEO tutorial course, we will look at a complete outline of how to do keyword research.

Today, we have divided the whole keyword research into three-step for your convenience. And in these three steps, we will be able to do full keyword research.

keyword research-free seo course
keyword research-free seo course

#1 Find a Topic

There are some who will learn our free SEO tutorial course and then do the work of the client. And there are some who are learning SEO to work on their own website.

When you do the client work, the client will have a specific topic. In that case, you don’t have to pick a topic.

But when you go to do your own work you have to pick a topic first.

 #2 Research keyword and make a list

When you choose a topic, you need to find out what people type on this topic and search on Google and you have to make a list of them. After selecting a topic, finding the keyword on that topic is the second step of the keyword research episode.

#3.Select the best keyword:

Choose the best keyword from the listed keyword. And in order to get in the rank of Google, you have to do SEO with that keyword.

There are two ways to pick the best keyword .

  •  Good search Volume:  Search volume refers to the number of monthly searches. Suppose, you choose a keyword with a search volume on 50. That means 50 people type this keyword every month and search on Google. If only 50 people search by typing this keyword, how many people will enter your home or how many buy your product! So, of course, you have to choose the keyword of Good search volume.
  • Low competition: After selecting the keyword of good search volume, you must choose the keyword of the low competition. If you choose keywords in high competition, then you will not be able to fight with a powerful website.

HITS: As a newbie , you should research keyword within 15-25 keyword difficulty and 250+ monthly search volume.

So, let’s get started-

Find a topic

Follow your passion to find out a topic. Think about the subject that you are more expert and love to do that.

If you can’t find out your passion, follow a process ->

You ask yourself if is there any work that you can do for free, you can do all day long and do not feel tired. If you find such the work, undoubtedly that is your passion.

when you will write depended on your passion, no one can write better than you. By doing this, you will be able to write better articles than your competitors.

There is a proverb that “Passion will kill your competitor-always.

Now I am giving you an example of how to blog about passion.

Suppose, you love to travel very much. Then, create a blog about travel. And mention there that How to travel safely, the most beautiful places to travel, what need to travel and etc.

Best ways to pick a topic-

If you search on Google, you will find different types of topics easily. Moreover you can pick a topic from different categories of Aliexpress, amazon and all E-commerce website.

Besides, you can pick it from the Yalp business category list. Yalp provides the world largest business category list.

How to Research Keyword:

In this section of the free SEO course, we will look at keyword research practically. We need to identify the ‘Need’ before starting keyword research .and we will try to find out the long tail keyword.

For identifying ‘Need’, we must determine first whether the content we will write is commercial or non-commercial.

Informative kw– For non-commercial /blog site you will need determine the informative keyword research like how to do this , how to do that, what is this. like this.

Buying intent kw– But for commercial site/content  you need determine buying intent keyword like best phone, best shirt etc and  etc .

Let’s assume, One clients gave me the job of researching keywords and his niche is Fishing. Now,I need to find out fishing related keyword. And his website is an affiliate website, so we need to use buying intent keyword.

Let me tell you now, There are some tools to use for keyword research . Some of these tools are free and some of are paid.

As you are new I think, I will show you the free method .

For this, we first need to install some free tools or extensions in our web browser. I will recommend you to use chrome browser.

So let’s get started

In many cases, it is seen that keyword researching with free tools doesn’t give the proper result. So, we need to first use a VPN fro better result.

Zenmate Free Vpn set-up- Seo course

We will use a free VPN named ZenMate free VPN.

Click to add ZenMate

Follow this instruction-

First click on the link above.


1. click “Add to chrome” button to add this extention.

ZenMate free vpn seo course
ZenMate free vpn

2. Again, click ‘Add Extension’ like this

Zenmate vpn installation
Zenmate vpn installation

3.you are successfully added ZenMate extension. Now you will find ZenMate in extension bar .follow this instruction-

Zenmate vpn installation-seo free tutorial course
Zenmate vpn installation

4. Sign up a Zenmate account with your Google account. To signup, you need to click the signup button.

ZenMate vpn signup
ZenMate vpn signup

5.fill up your information then click the signup button.you have successfully created a ZenMate account by clicking signup.

ZenMate vpn signup
ZenMate vpn signup

6. Now, you need to connect with an American IP address. To connect American Ip address click ZenMate extension and select USA then click connect. You are All Done to connect a free VPN with an American IP address.

ZenMate vpn connection-seo free course
ZenMate vpn connection

Now you are connected to an American Id address.

Then, you need a keyword suggestion tool.

WMS everywhere free keyword research tool

We will use a free keyword suggestion tool named WMS Everywhere .

Click  to add WMS Everywhere

1.Add it like the previous process.

2.sign up a account.

WMS everywhere sign up-free seo course
WMS everywhere sign up

3. Input necessary information then click signup.

WMS everywhere sign up
WMS everywhere sign up

4.we will find this page.then you need to go your gmail inbox  to confirm your identity .

WMS everywhere sign up confirmation
WMS everywhere sign up confirmation

5.You will find a message from wms everywhere  top of your gmail inbox.

WMS everywhere sign up confirmation
WMS everywhere sign up confirmation

6.Click confirm button to confirm your identity.

WMS everywhere sign up confirmation
WMS everywhere sign up confirmation

7.you are all set ,now need to sign in your account.

WMS everywhere sign up all done
WMS everywhere sign up all done

Mozbar Extension Set-up

Then we need MOZ bar extension for checking our competitor.

Click here to add MOZ bar

1.download moz bar

Mozbar extension-free seo course
Mozbar extension-free seo course

2. add to chrome

Mozbar chrome extention setup
Mozbar chrome extention setup

3. pin it beside the address bar

Mozbar chrome extention setup
Mozbar chrome extention setup

Let’s go we search by typing ‘ ice fishing gear’  to see example

serp analysis-free seo course
serp analysis-free seo course

Now i will explain to you What we have seen.

  1. Here, we can see the volume and CPC.  Volume means monthly search and CPC means cost per click.  By CPC=$0.62 we mean that If you want to make an advertisement in Google then we need pay to google 0.62$ per visitor’s click.
  2. It is the Moz bar extension’s result .we need to sign in or create a Moz account to see the result. If you have an account you can sign in or if you not just create an account. I have successfully created an account so I will log in here. **If you have any problem while creating a MOZ account, please comment in the comment box below. We will reply to you within 12 hours.**
  3. These are some keyword suggestions with their monthly search volume and CPC.
Mozbar on serp
Mozbar on serp

You can see that Moz bar showing us the domain authority(DA) and page authority(PA)

DA and PA refer to how powerful his domain and webpages are.

Everything is set up, now is the time to find the proper keywords with high volume and low competition.

There is nothing to know here , i will give you some free  tools below to do keyword research .

Please research for the keyword and enter it in Microsoft Excel. Keyword research depends entirely on your skills. 


2.Small SEO tools

3. Kwfinder powered by Mongools    [ create a Mongols account so that you can visit kwfinder website from there .]

4.  LSI Graph

5. Moz

When you go to work professionally, trust me you won’t need so many tools. You can work with one or two tools. I will use kwfinder for now.

Keyword Finder set-up

Follow my instruction –

I have sign in Mongools and I will go KWFinder to research keywords 

mongools kwfinder keyword research- free seo course
mongools.kwfinder keyword research

Some example of my researching keyword

We ‘ll pick the best search keywords and the less competitive keywords from there.

1. I have a search on kwfinder by typing ice fishing gear. Then this software suggested some keywords and showed me some information such as CPC , volume, difficulty, and SERP analysis .if you wish, you can also take the marked keyword ”Ice fishing sled”.

and don’t take “ice fishing gear” .Because it has high competition although good search volume.

keyword research process-free seo course
keyword research process

2.You can take also “clam ice shelter “ and “ice fishing clothes”.

keyword research process
keyword research process

3.You can take also “Ice fishing gloves”.

keyword research process
keyword research process

4.though this keyword  has low competition but we won’t take this because of its low search volume

  • Take it
keyword research process

 I have researched  keywords and I will list them in Microsoft excel

list keyword on the ms excel-free seo course
list keyword on the ms excel

How to select Best keyword:

I’ve finished researching keywords. From here I will choose the best keyword now.

Which will you choose as the best keyword, it’s entirely up to you?

I think “Ice fishing gloves” is the best keyword. Because, there is low competition and fairly search volume.

Just looking at the high volume and low competition does not mean that it is a good keyword .

You must check

  • DA and PA of the ranked website
  • number of backlinks of the ranked website for this keyword
  • number of word of the content
  • How many times have used keyword in the content
  • Whether there is a keyword in the title or url of the ranked website
  • etc etc

So, we need to verify first if this keyword is better or not. For this, I will search on Google by typing this keyword and we will analyze the ranked website manually.

let’s search on Google .

One by one we will visit and look at all the websites and check if the website is good or bad.

I finished looking and checking on the website. The website has less domain authority and page authority, you are seeing. And It contains a lot fewer words in the content also. So, it seems to me that this website isn’t so strong. I can fight it, I think.

And I checked everything that i said above.

All things considered, it seemed best to me.

 So I will do SEO on this keyword” Ice fishing gloves”.

In the next chapter, we will see how to create quality content and do On-page SEO and Off-page SEO for this keyword.

#3 Content Creation

In this episode I will share with you some tips on content writing. Following this tips will help you to create quality and SEO friendly content.

  • Check other’s article first
  • Gather some knowledge from them
  • Make notes.
  • write it on own or hire a freelancer

How to optimize article-

  • Title tag optimization: Every content has a title must. so, we have to optimize this title first. We need to use the h1 tag in the title[Almost all themes in WordPress have the h1 tag in the title by default]. Then you have to make the title as short as possible. It is better to have between 50 and 70 characters. Your title must be attractive. That means, use a title that people want to click on whenever they see it.
  • Introduction-body-conclusion: Arrange the article in three parts. First, give the introduction to the article. Then mention the main sentence of the article in the body. And end the article with a conclusion.
  • keyword prominence: this is very important in SEO. Keyword prominence means we should mention the main keyword of the article within 100 words.
  • using h1, h2, h3 tags: we should use different heading tags in our content. The title of the content will contain the h1 tag. And h1 and h2 tag must be used in the subtitle. And besides that, the important issues of the article should be the bold mark. Google’s bot can understand the use of these tags very well.
  • use short paragraph: you need to use short paragraphs inside the article as users feel comfortable to read.
  • put gaps between lines: you should give the gap between two paragraphs. Then, the article will look beautiful.
  • Make it thorough: Your article needs to be very detailed and large. Now is not the time for a short article. Now Google prefers articles that are very large and contain all the information. So all the detailed information from A to Z should be covered in your article.

How to optimize image

You might be surprised to know that 50% of Google users around the world search on Google for image. So, if you don’t optimize the images properly . Google won’t index your images.

As a result , No one will find your images on Google.So, image optimization is very important in SEO.

To optimize image follow some instruction-

  • Select the right image: you should first select the right image. That means, Select those image which exactly matches with your content.
  • scale image: Scale all images in the content to a specific size.You can scale images with any photo editing software like adobe photoshop
  • optimize image size: you should proper optimize your images size. By this size I haven’t mean big or small. I mean by image size is image file size. You should less your image file size without losing the quality of the images. You can do it easily with tinypng software.
  • Image file-name: You have to give a name to the image so that if someone searches by typing this name, the image comes up.
  • Use Alt text: you should use Alt text so that Google can understand that your image is about this. And when anyone searches by typing that you include in the Alt text then Google shows him your image.

#4 On-page optimization

Welcome to the primomate SEO course Onpage optimization episode. In this episode, we will see an outline of how to do Onpage optimization. For your convenience, we have divided OnPage Optimization into several steps.

So, let’s get started.

In this episode, we will learn-

WordPress installation in the free SEO course

If you don’t know how to install WordPress then Read this article .

After installing WordPress, we will set up our permalink. Permalink means the format of the link that which post will be arranged in which format.

Suppose I entered our Primomate.com website and from there i clicked on any post .

what is permalink-free seo course
what is permalink

We can see that the Permalink is here in post title format. But in the first case your permalink may not be set in post title format. You have to set it up.

To setup permalink, you must first enter Permalink option from setting menu.


permalink setup-free seo course
permalink setup-free seo course

wordpress by default permalink is set up as  day and name format. You need to change as post name format. To change permalink as post name format click and select ‘post name’ .

2.Click on “post name”

permalink setup-seo tutorial

3. To save your changes, just click on ‘save changes’. All done.

permalink setup-seo tutorial
permalink setup-seo tutorial

Yoast SEO plugin installation:

WordPress has made our SEO work easier through plugins. Not just SEO work but any work can be done very easily using plugins. We are grateful for WordPress for this.

Anyway, we can do full on-page optimization using just one plugin name Yoast SEO plugin.

  1. To install Yoast SEO plugin you need to click on Add new form plugin from wordpress menu. plugin➡Add new
Yoast SEO plugin installation free course
Yoast SEO plugin installation free course

2. Then you have to search by typing ‘Yoast SEO’ in the search box.You will see a plugin name ‘Yoast SEO’. Click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin.

search[yoast seo]➡Install Now

Yoast SEO plugin installation
Yoast SEO plugin installation

3. after installation click “Activate” button to activate this plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin activation
Yoast SEO plugin activation

As soon as you activate the yoast SEO plugin.

you will see a menu there called SEO.

Yoast SEO plugin
Yoast SEO plugin

And when you click on this SEO menu you will see many sub menus and you will see many tabs in each sub menu.

In the next step we will learn to optimize for each tab. Keep reading-

Yoast SEO plugin set-up:


The first of the yoast SEO plugin has a menu name general

Dashboard:The dashboard is shown in the General menu of the Yoast SEO plugin. You have nothing to change here.

Features: Here they show different features of what kind of features they provide. Here you will see that all the features are on. You have nothing else to do here.

Webmaster tools: Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy to verify with Google and Bing webmaster tools. Here we can easily connect with Google and bing. After a while, we will see how it can be used for verification in Google and Bing search engines.

Google and bing verification
Google and Bing verification

Search appearance

 search appearance is number two after the general menu.There are some tabs in search appearance. I will discuss all of them.


From here you can select the separator. Notice in the picture I gave an example of a separator.

Then, from there you can put  a meta title and meta description of your Hompage. In the meta description box you will give a brief description about your website.

And then click on save changes.

yoast search appearance
yoast search appearance

After clicking on the content-type tab, many options will come up here.

There is no need to set more here, just turn ON/show the “date in Google preview” from all the options such post, Page, My template, Post template.

Then, press the save changes button. What will happen if you do this, by doing this your post will show up in Goolge with its publish date.

yoast search appearance
yoast search appearance

Media: There is no need to change anything here.


Here we have very important work to do. Here you will see the ‘see Category in search Result’ option is on/yes.

You have to turn it off/no.

Now the question may arise as to why we will do this. I am giving a very simple answer below.

If the option is on then Google will index the category of our site.

Since a post can be in two categories, Google can index a post twice or more. There is a chance that it will become duplicate content. If there is a lot of duplicate content like this on our site, then Google will never look at your site as Good.

So, we must turn it into No/off.

Archives:  There is no need to change anything here.


You can change it if you want. If you turn it on, Breadcrumbs will be shown in your post.

What is breadcrumbs?


yoast search appearance breadcumbs
yoast search appearance breadcumbs


if you want, you can provide the link of your social account here so that visitors can enter your profile. And if you want, you can interrupt any social account separately from here. You all can do this.


Import/export: We can import and export the settings that we have made with the help of Yoast SEO.

File editor:  this tool allows to quickly change important file of your SEO like .htaccess, robot.txt.

Bulk editor: This tool allows you to quickly change titles and descriptions of your posts and pages.

So, that was the episode of the Yoast SEO set-up. You can set up you site in this way.


if you wish , you can use the premium version of this plugin. If you use this premium version then you will get more additional benefits.

Verify on google search console

click here to go to Google search console

Let me tell you first why you do it-

If you want your content to appear in Google search engine then you have to do it.

After verifying with Google, you can index your content to Google.

As a result, GoogleBot will access your website information/sitemap and store all the information of the website in its repository.

Moreover from here you can see various information on your website such How many links are generated on your website, how many link Google has indexed, how many pages Google has indexed and so on.


1. Click on the link above and go to the Google search console page and click start now

Google search console free seo course
Google search about page

2.go to your website and copy the URL of your website.

copy URL from your own website
copy URL from your own website

3.Go again search console to paste it and then click on continue

paste the URL and click continue
paste the URL and click continue

4.you can verify in various method.I am showing you by html tag

verify search console by HTML tag
verify search console by HTML tag

5.click ‘copy’ button to copy the text

copy the whole text
copy the whole text

6.Open Notepad and just copy the code inside of the content tag

copy just necessary code inside of content tag
copy just necessary code inside of content tag

7.Open WordPress Dashboard of your website and click general from SEO menu

Go to yoast seo to verify with Google
Go to yoast seo to verify with Google

8. go webmaster tools and paste the code in the box of Google verification code. Then click ‘Save change’

paste the code what you copied from notepad
paste the code what you copied from notepad

8.After submitting code on your website go back to search console and click verify

click verify to verify your website in Google
click verify to verify your website in Google

***All done. You have successfully verified with Google.Now you can get different facilities from Google.

Sitemap on Google

In this previous episode we saw how to verify with Google search console. Now we will see how to submit a sitemap on Google.

let me tell you first why you do it-

Before that, let me tell you what is a sitemap-

the sitemap is a reflection of your website. That means, where have any content, where have any link, what content is on the page and what pages are there on your website!etc.

In a word, a reflection of all of these is called the site map.

I will submit the sitemap of my website to Google so that Google can understand that where is have what in my website.

It is very easy to submit sitemap in Google.

For this, first you need to login Google search console.

I have already logged in.You should log in and enter the Dashboard of search console

1.Go to sitemap from search console’s Dashboard

2.Type “sitemap_index.xml” in the add sitemap box

3.click submit button

That’s it.⬇⬇⬇

sitemap on Google
sitemap on Google

You have successfully submitted sitemap of your website on Google. Now when you post a content on your website, you need to index URL of each post in the Search console.

Content indexing on Google for seo

You need to index each content on google so that GoogleBot can access your content and show in SERP.

So, you need to go to Dashboard of search console.

1.copy URL of any no index content from your webite

content indexing on Google
content indexing on Google

2.Go to search console➡paste the URL➡click Enter button

content indexing on Google
content indexing on Google

3.request for indexing-

content indexing on Google
content indexing on Google

4.Fill out the captcha then click verify:

content indexing on Google
content indexing on Google

All done.You have successfully requested for indexing your content

Google will index your content in a few days.

Robots.txt file in SEO course free

It is a text file that controls GoogleBot. Whether or not Google will access any page of your website can be controlled by Robots.txt file.

Not only Google but also all the search engine cannot access your webpage by doing this.

Why would you use the robots.txt file?

You will use it because there can have a lot of personal information on your website. Besides, there can have any premium things.

You never want google to take over your personal information.so, you have to use it.

1.Go to wp dashboard

2.Go to tools from Yoast SEO plugin

3.click on File Editor

4.Then, Go to Robots.txt

robots.txt file editor
robots.txt file editor

You can disallow the link from here which you don’t want to give access to Google or any search engine.

if “user-agent:” has star mark, then it means all the search engine.

you can disallow or allow link for certain search engine. For this you need type this search engine name under “user-agent:“.

The link that you want to disallow should be included under disallow fuction

suppose I want disallow this post from all .

1. I need copy the permalink of this post

robots.txt-seo tutorial
robots.txt-seo tutorial

2.type disallow and paste the copied link below and click save changes,

robots.txt-seo tutorial
robots.txt-seo tutorial

That’s it!

Following this process you can disallow all the link that you want.

#5 Off page Optimization in Free Seo Course

The last step of our SEO course is off-page optimization. Basically Google first sees if the inside of the website is right. Then see what the whole world says about this website.

That means, does any other website give you link? Is it from a good website or from a bad website?

Considering these factors, google gives rankings. So, we need to create backlink to good

*** Don’t create backlink from any type of bad site such spamming site, pronsite any any insecure site.

In this SEO tutorial Episode , we will learn-

What is Off page optimization

Off-page optimization basically means marketing the content. You do not have to log in the website for this. That means you can do off-page optimization from outside of the website.

The main purpose of the offpage optimization is to create back link and to get your content to the people

In this episode of SEO course we will see step by step how to do offpage optimization

Types of backlink in SEO course for free

There are two types of backlinks such as No-follow backlink and Do-follow backlink. Usually, it is identified by relational attribute whether it is No-Follow or Do-Follow.

You can check backlink through this extension-

Automatic Backlink Checker

The links that will appear red after opening the extension are No-Follow backlink and which will appear cyan that is Do-Follow backlink.

Do Follow vs No Follow

No Follow link means to tell Google not to count or even crawl this link.

suppose, you told Google that let people go to other websites from my website by entering my link but doesn’t count it. Then, it will NO Follow backlink.

Generally, No-follow backlink is a hyperlink with a No follow relational tag(rel=”No Follow”)

Do Follow backlink is the opposite of No Follow backlink.The Do Follow link passes the juice from one website to another.So, Do follow link is very important in SEO ranking.

80% link should Do Follow and 20% link should Non Follow when it comes to rank on Google.

I have given examples of backlinks to explain the different terms of SEO.

Let me tell you again what is backlink is.

If any link on your website is on another website then it is your backlink. I said in one word haha.

If your website is very good then other website will give you backlink. Otherwise they won’t give you.

As a result Google can understand it and considered that your website is good. That means, when others give you backlinks, google assumes that your website are actually good. depended on it, Google give you ranking.

Now I will show you how to create backlink-

Three ways to create backlinks-
create backlink in three proccess-free seo course
create backlink in three proccess

low strength backlink-

Social Bookmarking:

bookmarking basically means saving anything so that can be entered there easily.

E.g. bookmarking on web browser.

You can bookmark your content any social media like bookmarking in your web browser. When you bookmark your link in your web browser, no one sees your bookmark.

But when you bookmark something on social media, a lot of people who see it.

And from there you can generate traffic and you can be able to create a No-follow or Do follow backlink.

Almost all social site provide No-Follow backlink. But there are some website that provide Do-Follow backlink

Click here to download Do-Follow backlink providing sites

So how do you do social bookmarking??:

You just have to post an article and paste the link of your content on different social media.

If you have a lot of followers on social media then a lot of people will see and click on your link. And from there you can generate a good number of visitors. And you will get a backlink either Do follow or No follow.

But remember, Don’t violate the rules of these social site.It would be good if you read their rules once before opening the account.

If you break the rules, randomly sharing too many links, your account will be disabled. So, work with commonsense.

forum posting:

Forum is a website that is created for a specific purpose. And their purpose is that different people will talk about different things on their website.

Suppose, I need to know one thing. And I didn.t find that thing by searching on Google. Then how do I know that thing?

The forum can help me in this case.

There are various forum in the internet.If I go tho this related forum and ask what I want to know then I will get the answer.

Usually the answer and the question are exchanged through conversation on forum sites.

The world most popular forum is Quora

How to build backlink on forum:

Suppose, someone in the forum wanted to know about SEO.

If your website has a post about seo then you can give him with the link of this article.

By doing this, I have got one or more traffic and a low strength backlink easily.

Then how do you find out these forum sites.

There are some rules for searching Google for forum sites


  • Keyword”powered by phpbb”inurl:/forum
  • Keyword”powered by smf”inurl:/forum

You can search on Google for forum using this method.

Like I searched below to find fishing related forum

Advance Google search
Advance Google search

You can generate backlinks and traffics from forum sites by searching and registering forums. So, start doing this

medium strength backlink

Since everyone can create free backlinks on forum and social sites,everyone abuse it. Due to which, all these sites have been considered as low strength backlink.

So in present, their value is much less.So, we will create less these backlink.

we will try to create as much as medium and high strength backilnk

paid backlink:

Paid backlink means create backlink with money. that means if you pay money to the owner of any website then they will give you a backlink. It is a very expensive method.

Since we are doing SEO as a beginner we will not resort to this method. But if you have a lot of money then you can resort to it.No problem.

web 2.0:

The websites that is created by using user generated content are called web 2.0 website.

Now, what do I mean by user generated content?

User generated content means that as a user you can create a website for free on all the web 2.0 website and start a free blog.

An example of a web 2.0 website is Blogger. com

This is basically a service of Google. If you want you can create a free website just in 10 minute from there.

The domain you get from there is basically a sub-domain (sample.blogspot.com).

Whatever, you can create one or more website and generate backlinks to your main website.

But if you want to do link-building from web 2.0 websites, you have to follow some rules.

The rules are that-

  • 100% unique content: First of all, you need to provide 100% unique article on your web 2.0 website. Even, you shouldn’t use spin or article rewriter software.
  • Internal linking: Besides linking for the main website, you need to create internal linking more and more.
  • Optimize their content too: you should optimize your web 2.0 website too like your main website.
  • link other websites: Besides creating backlinks for your own website, you should give backlinks to other websites so that Google can’t trace you that you are chitting.

In straight sentence, Google should never understand in any way that you are creating within yourself. Otherwise, you can get penalty from Google. And of course give only a backlink to your main website in an article.

High strength backlink

These backlinks are basically a super strength backlink. If your website is really helpful only then your relevant niche site or authority site will give your backlink. Google can also understand this matter.

So, if any respective website tells Google by giving you a backlink that your website is best then Google considered this website as really good.

So, there have a big chance to raked on Google if they give you backlink.

Backlink from Relevant niche site

Relevant website means those website that’s match with your niche.

If your relevant niche sites give you a link this is the best luck for you.To get backlinks from relevant news sites you must always have a good relationship with them.

For friedship with them you need research them and then contact with them and offer for exchanging backlinks.

If your website is really good i am sure that they will accept your offer.

Besides you can request them for guest writing. If you do not have an idea about guest posting then you can read this article.

Backlink from authority website:

In the new situation, it is very difficult to get backlink form the authority website I know. But this backlink is most, most and most important to rank on Google.

You can done it following some process-

First of all , you should analyze you competitor that which authority websites give him the backlink. If you able to write high quality article that means best than your competitor then you can tell them that your article is best so to give you a backlink.

If your article is really good then some authority websites will give you a backlink, confirm.

And another process to get a backlink is Guest posting. For that offer them to guest posting.

Get guest posting service at low price

So, Have a good luck and don,t give up.

If you work hard, I think you can do it. You all can do it. Thanks for attending and best wishes.

How was our course?please let us know .Then we would be encouraged to make such an awesome post.

The advanced part of the Free is coming soon. Stay with us

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