How to Add Security Question to WordPress Login page with a plugin

In this article, I’m going to show you how to add security questions to your WordPress login page using a plugin named wp security question. So first of all you should understand why this is very important.

Importance of adding security question to WP login screen

Maybe you noticed that many financial companies or industries sometimes add the security question to the login page of their website. They do It so that they can reduce the hacking issue and identify the exact user.

At this process, you should give a Question and answer to this question when you go to create an account on those websites. And You should remember this activity because when you will go to login for next time you must enter the same question and answer.

This is a very safe login process. Because, a hacker can hack the password and Username but he cannot hack man’s mind or super personal activity such as father name, mother name, or childhood name even a friend’s childhood name and etc.

So, this process helps the website to stay in the safe world and safe from the hacker.

If you add a security question to your WordPress login screen then your WordPress website, I mean wp admin page will more secure. There will automatically add an additional box on the login page.

When You will try to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress website, you must enter the security question before logged in. So, please remember the question and answer which you will grant.

How to install WP security question and set up in the wordpress

To add the security question to the WordPress admin login page of your website you should install and activate a plugin.

The name of this plugin is WP security question.

To install the plugin go to plugins from your WP Dashboard and click Add New.

And up here in the search bar type WP security question and select the first one and click Install Now to install the plugin. As you clicked the installation process will start.

And after install, the plugin click on activate to activate the plugin.

How  to install wp security plugin to add security question to the wordpress login screen

once the plugin is activated, Go and click on settings and you can see all the questions which you can use.

And you also have the option to add more questions by typing your question here manually and click add more.

So in my case, I’m going to add a security question only for the login screen by checking the box here and click on save settings.

use of wp security question and add wordpress login screen

Once done with that, go up here and click on edit your profile and then scroll down to the middle of the page.

And here, under my security question select the question which you want to add to the login page of WordPress website and then type your answer here in the box and click Update profile.

In my case,I will select the first question and put a answer james

add security question to the wp login page

Ok so I will log out and then try to log in.

And now you see the security question where I need to put the answer if I want to log in.

So I would put my logging credentials and the answer here and click login

security box in the wordpress login screen

So that’s the process of Adding Security questions on the WordPress Login page. By doing this process hope your WordPress Website will be more secure.

If You have any questions then you can also ask me in the comment box below.

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This tutorial will help your Website to stay more secure and away from the hackers. You should do the work which I showed you already and remember your Q&A for the next time.

All the best. We all want to live in the safe World.

And If you want to know some other processes to improve the security to your WordPress Website. Just Read Them-

Thanks for Reading and Don’t forget to drop a comment. I will see you next time.

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