How to Create High Quality Backlinks to Rank on Google

Most bloggers and affiliate marketers struggle very much to create high-quality backlinks. They are very aware of creating backlinks because if you create more high authority backlinks, there is a chance to rank your website on Google SERP.

When it comes to creating high-quality backlinks, most bloggers become a failure. For that, at one time they became frustrated and moved away from the blogging career.

If you want to get your website ranked on Google, then today this article is going to help you tremendously.

I will share 5 effective SEO strategies with you in this post. Following these strategies, you can get your website on the first page of Google Search Engine.

Let’s Check it out.

How to Create High-Quality Backlinks

1. Guest blogging

Guest Blogging is an evergreen method to get quality backlinks. Guest blogging/Guest Posting means writing content and including your links on other blogs as a guest writer.

Suppose, In your community, 10 bloggers are writing content on the same topic as you.

Now if you want to create high-quality backlinks for your blog by guest posting you should offer them you want to contribute to their blog by publishing content.

Then, if they allow you to publish posts on their blog you should write and provide a quality article to get future scope.

In the very first of your guest posting article, you should have implemented your website’s link and should encourage readers to click on this link.

Always to to write meaningful articles as readers can be grateful for desired information.

What you need to do for guest posting:

By following the outreach formula, you can contact and offer to other website owners if they are interested in backlink collaboration with you.

Each and every website provides a contact form or email address in their website. so you can contact them through mail/contact form.

Besides that, there are some automation software you can use to go for email marketing by sending bulk mail.


If you publish articles on other websites, there is an opportunity for you’ll get a backlink on the bios section of their website. Besides, You can also insert your links in the article page as anchor text when you are going to write an article.

Most of the bloggers provide backlinks to the guest writers in the bios section of the website. So, you can generate as many backlinks if you want through this process.

Click here to download 500 guest posting sites list pdf file

2. Profile backlinks building

Another easiest way to create high-quality links is to build profile backlinks. This is followed by high-quality links. because using profile backlink building you get it from high authority sites.

what is profile backlinks?

There are thousands of website online where you can registration and create an account. And you can add all your information by going to the profile in that account.

If you want, you can generate a backlink from these websites easily by adding your website link to your about page on those websites.

Such a big example of this is facebook.

How to create profile backlinks?

If you have a Facebook account, you can create a Facebook page from that account. And you can give all your information on that Facebook page. You can add your website link there to get a No Follow backlinks.

Following this way you can get a backlinks from all social media like twitter, youtube, reddit, tumblr, mix and etc.

Moreover, you will find a lot of social media by searching on Google.

For that, you have to type “Profile backlink sites list” and search on google.

Even then you will get many profile backlink building sites lists. Then you can copy these lists from this site and from there you can create a profile account.

To collect Profile backlink building sites list you can also CLICK HERE

Note: Don’t create backlinks profile from there massively. If you do this you are more likely to lose than profit. Only create an account in those sites that match your niche.

3.Free content or gift publishing

If you have various skills like graphic design, web design, coding, making useful software, Making apps et. Then you can make these digital products and give to your visitors for free download.

It helps a lot to create quality links for the website. If you can’t do anything then you can consult a freelancer and make a digital product.

When you give the products to your visitors for free and if the visitors benefit from it, then they will share your product with the friend circle. So, their friend can be also benefited.

When they share your product with their friend circle, your backlinks will continue to auto-generate.

So of course, try to give your free product to your visitors so that they can be benefited and use these for their project.

4.Give Do follow backlinks for free

Give free and advance Do follow link to all the websites that are related to your website.

Only give an advance do-follow link to your relevant websites. No need to contact or ask for that. Just give them advanced Do-follow backlinks in your content.

The WordPress software has an internal feature called Pingback. If your website is built with WordPress and If someone gives you a backlink, so you get the notification that a website has given you a link.

Similarly, when you give them backlinks, they will also get a notification.

there make the opportunity to get a backlink from them later when they will publish their article.

Many of us don’t do this for their selfies thinking. But if you do this, you will succeed in your blogging career.

So, start searching on google and find out how many websites that match with your niche and give them free Do-Follow link.

They may or may not give you. But, give them.

By doing this, there will create a opportunity at least for get a backling from them.

5.Resource posting

Everyone needs a resource to work on the internet every day. So, many people search Google for e-resources.

If you want to learn a computer then you may need different types of computer resources like software, tools, coding resources, etc.

If you want to learn SEO then you may need different types of tools, courses, and many more.

In the same way, If you want to start blogging then you may need some things.

For example, A little while ago I told you to search on google by typing Profile backlink sites link.

When you will search on Google by typing this, you will find many websites there that provide a large list of profile backlink sites.

This is that they made a list is called resource. You can also add such resources to your website.

Such resource posts widely share on social media and various forums. So, if you do resource posts like this your content will be shared in many places and you will get a huge number of backlinks.

If you look to own then you can understand better.

suppose you need one thing and you ask for this on Facebook or Twitter. If you notice well you will see that many people give you a link of different resources so that you can benefit from this.

Similarly, if you post included many resources people will share your content more and more. And by doing this you will get more and more backlink.

So, guys, I hope this article will be useful for your blogging career. Now if you think it’s appropriate then please put a comment in the comment box below.

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