How to Make a Website using WordPress for beginners

Hi, Welcome back. In this tutorial, I am going to show for the beginners How to Make a Website using WordPress without having coding knowledge. To do this I will use WordPress which is a CMS software. All can create any type of dynamic and responsive website using this method very easily.

WordPress is among the most popular open-source CMS and it is used for building dynamic websites and blogs. it’s totally free, open-source, and compatible for beginners.

So first, you need a domain and hosting to create a website with WordPress.

If you don’t have any domain and hosting you can purchase a domain and hosting from Bluehost of Namecheap.

Though this tutorial is about WordPress installation and making a website , I will not show you how to purchase domain and hosting.

If you do not know how to purchase the domain and hosting then read this article.

OK. After purchasing the domain and hosting you will get a Cpanel (Control panel) to control your website using database and file manager.

How to install WordPress from cpanel

To Install WordPress I have switched to my Cpanel.

In the Cpanel, you will find an option named Softaculous app installer.

You should click on this option or you may find another option named WordPress.

You can also click in the WordPress option so that you can go directly to the WordPress installer function.

Install wordpress from cpanel
Install wordpress from cpanel

WordPress Installation Proccess

After clicking WordPress from Cpanel you will be redirected to the Softaculous WordPress installer page.

From there you should click on Install.

One click wordpress installer
One click wordpress installer

After clicking the install button you will see a form where yo should put your site information, admin username and password, and email address.

First you should give a site name and site description of your website. Don’t worry, You can also change it later.

So, In my case I will put Techpoint as my site name and put All The Tech Suggestion and advide as my site description.

Ok. Then I will put the username and password of my website.

like this-

install wordpress with username and password
Install wordpress with username and password

Ok after puting the username and the password I will provide a email address and tick the box and click on install button.

How to install WordPress as beginners
Install WordPress as beginners

Done. Now you can add post, page, and any more that is you want.

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Access Dashboard of WordPress Website

As a beginners If want to create a dynamic website and edit anything using WordPress You need to access the WP Dashboard.

To access the WordPress dashboard now, type wp-admin after your website URL and press the Enter button.

Then you will be redirected to the Wp login page and you need to put username and password to access the dashboard.

wordpress login page
wordpress login page

When you put your username and password and click on login then you will go to the WordPress admin dashboard and from there you can control your website.

Activate a web Template/Theme

But first, you need to install and activate a theme from the Appearance menu.

To do that just click on the appearance and then click on theme.

Install a theme to your WordPress website.
Install a theme to your WordPress website.

you will see 2/3 theme is already installed.

But if you want to install a new theme you should click on Add new button up here.

Then choose a free theme and click Install and then Activate.

After activating your theme select a demo and then just import the demo of that theme.

You are all Done.

Install necessary Plugin in WordPress website

WordPress plugin is a software containing a group of functions or system. Additional feature can be got for the website using WP plugin.

After Installing WordPress and activating Theme ,activating some necessary plugin should be done. In this part of WordPress website making tutorial for beginners I am going to tell about some necessary Plugin.

#1 Elementor Website Builder

This is the most advanced frontend drag & drop website builder in WordPress. You can Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds in Any theme, any page, any design or the WordPress Website.

Install plugin in WordPress Website for beginners
Install plugin in WordPress Website for beginners

You can use any website builder to build your web page.But recommendation is Elementor.

#2 Yoast SEO or rank math SEO

Rank any content of the website and even the entire website SEO plugin mostly help the writer or blogger. Using this plugin You can write SEO friendly article for your blog.

This will help you to rank your website in Google , Bing and so on.

#3 Wp Rocket/Wp Fastest Cache

Wp Rocket is a premium plugin now and Wp Fastest Cache is a free plugin. This is The simplest and fastest WP Cache system and it helps you to fast to load your website. This is a very necessary plugin for your website.

How to Create a Menu in WordPress Website

In this part we discuss about how can create a menu for the Website. As a beginner, You don’t know how to do that. So I will show-

You would to go Menu from the Appearance

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