How to Write a Blog Post on WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS(content management system) by which you can create and develop any type of website without having any programming knowledge. In this article. I will show you how to write a blog post on WordPress.

WordPress is used for creating dynamic websites and blogs all over the world. There are two major parts of WordPress such as Theme and plugin.

The WordPress theme is a style template. By using the themes you can get a website very easily with an outstanding design interface.

And a plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can extend functionality or add new features to the WordPress websites.

The use of plugins is to do something changes and get more benefits. the plugin you can make changes everything like you can secure website, add additional things(table of content, review box, email submission form, social icon, and etc.), do SEO easily, and so on.

So, the necessity of WordPress is very big to create and develop a website without any suffering.

For the newbie, I will show in this article how to write a blog post on WordPress.

How to write and Publish Blog Post on WordPress

To create or publish post on WordPress, First of all you have to switch to you dashboard of WordPress.

In the left sidebar of the WordPress admin page, you will show a Menu named Post.
If you hover on the Post, four option will arrive such as All post, Add New post, Categories and Tags.

If you already have any post,you can click on All Post to see your published post.

But If you want to add new post just you have to click on the Add New option under Post menu.

how to write a blog post on wordpress
how to write a blog post on wordpress

After clicking Add new you will be redirected to the add new post page and there you have to add Title and something like text, photo ,video or anymore.
Ok, In my case I will drop a title and some texts.

after creating content and I need to publish that now.
So to do that, i will just click on the publish button.

how to write a blog post on wordpress
how to write and publish a blog post on wordpress

And you can see my article has been successfully published and You are successfully seen that how to write a blog post on WordPress.

Ok, that’s It for now and thanks for reading.

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