Candle Making Workshop-How Can You Make Money?

You might be taking candle making as a hobby. But do you know you can earn a good amount of money from your candle workshop by selling the candles you made? Candles are an essential part of almost every house and people use them for many purposes such as lighting their home, adding an aesthetic look, or having a pleasant fragrance around the house all day long.

Candle making is a worthwhile business, especially for those people who want to earn without stepping out of the house such as stay at home moms. There is no rocket science involved in making good quality candles. They are quite easy to make once you know the drill and if you feel your skill is not up to date, consider attending a candle making workshop.

Here are some basic steps you should follow before starting your candle making business. So let’s get started.

Learn candle making

There are plenty of resources available online including video tutorials that can help you to learn candle making, but if you are planning to take it as a business, it is recommended to attend an online or in-person candle making workshop. You will learn all the tips and tricks from the professionals that would be really helpful for your business.

Gather all the necessary ingredients

A simple candle can be made with just two ingredients i.e. wax and wick. But people like to buy customized candles. There are a number of other things added in for additional benefits such as fragrance oils, dyes, and gels. 

Other than these, you will need the proper apparatus like candle molds, containers, thermometers, a scale, essential utensils, and a heating system. Once you collect all these ingredients and accessories, you are good to go.

Define your target audience

Now you have all the knowledge about how to make candles and which things you will need. The next step is to find your target audience. There is a wide range of candles available in the market including container candles, pillar candles, scented candles, tea lights, votives, floating candles, and many more. 

You must have a proper plan and decide on which niche you would be working in. Do proper homework before starting the business out so you don’t have to leave it after some time due to the lack of knowledge.

Decide your brand name

A brand name is your identity in the market. Take your time and think about the name of your brand. Try to choose a unique and interesting same to attract more customers. While brainstorming about your brain identity, you should focus on the point that it must be authentic and original to avoid any further legal issues regarding the name. 

Decide the prices of your products

The next step is to decide the prices of your products. Remember, your price range should be within the normal range. Too high prices will cause you no sales and if you set the prices too low, the quality of your products will drop. So your candles should be affordable after deducting all your expenses and profit.

Marketing of your candle business

The most important part of any business is marketing. After starting your candle business, try to advertise in every possible way. You can use social media along with other strategies to grow your business more.

So that’s all. This is a guide for you on how you can earn money for yourself from a candle making workshop. Follow these steps and your business will eventually grow. 

Best of Luck!!

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