Top 7 Unique Cultural Event Ideas to Organize in UAE

Cultural events are usually the highlight of any society and culture. They are a source of connecting people and providing them some entertainment, as well as an opportunity to connect with each other. The cultural events bring people closer by helping them empathize with each other, as well as stay true to their roots.

The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries of the world which are immensely popular among tourists. Hundreds of events, if not thousands, are organized there every year. However, just a few of them are arranged keeping in view the needs and standards of the local population. The world is still in the mid of a pandemic, and conducting socially distanced cultural events can offer a little hope and happiness to the attendees.

Dig deeper into this article to explore the cultural event ideas that you can organize in the United Arab Emirates to appeal and entertain the local population.

Top 7 Ideas to Arrange a Cultural Event in UAE

Recalling one’s roots once in a while is a good approach to stay true to them. Moreover, in this fast-paced and globalized world, it is quite easy to confuse some other culture with yours. Therefore, organizing cultural events and including activities that critically represent the local culture is more than essential in countries like the UAE, which are always crowded with foreigners.

Here are the top event ideas to arrange a cultural event in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Movie Night in the Desert

The first cultural event you can organize in UAE is a movie night in the desert. A movie night in open or close cinema is quite usual. However, the same in the deserts will help the attendees connect to their roots. Picking the classic and cultural movies is another way to add to the vibe and boost the enjoyment of attendees. Nowadays, corporate organizations get event companies in Abu Dhabi onboard to organize unforgettable movie nights for their employees.

2. Arts Evening

Arts evening is another attractive idea to organize a cultural event in the UAE. A number of international art events are organized in the region. However, they do not represent the culture of emirates solely. Having a partial display of local culture cannot quench the thirst for the art of the local population. So, an exclusively local art event once in a while is essential.

3. Traditional Food Festival

The United Arab Emirates is the country that has accepted cuisines and specialties of all regions of the world. During the food festivals, the local food is overshadowed by other food specialties of the world. You can appeal and impress the local audience, as well as the international attendees, by organizing a traditional food festival.

4. Design Week

The arts and crafts of the United Arab Emirates also have a special place in the world. Specifically, in the case of fashion and design, a number of countries arrange their fashion week in UAE. Due to this, the local fashion and design get sidelined. There is a dire need to organize a design week in the region that only showcases local designs, artists, and models and promotes local culture.

5. Opera Show

Opera show is another creative idea to organize a culture show in the UAE. The opera shows include a vast range of activities from dance, theater, musical to various other performing arts. These arts have always been dominated by western countries. On the other hand, organizing a cultural opera show is an opportunity to showcase the local culture through arts to the international world.

6. Pop Up Comedy Show

Most of the cultural shows are adult-centric. Be it arts evening, opera show, movie night, or design week. Providing a little entertainment to children and helping them to relate to their culture is critical for their sound upbringing. To achieve that target, you can organize pop-up comedy shows at the kids play areas and provide quality entertainment to kids and their parents.

7. Traditional Music Show

The traditional music of the UAE is not getting the well-deserved hype due to the foreigners preferring their music. International music concerts are arranged in the region; however, it is now time to promote traditional music by organizing local concerts. You can get help from event companies in Abu Dhabi to contact the artists, take care of all the arrangements, registration, and attendee management to provide quality entertainment to all.

Pick the idea that best resonates with you!

If you want to organize an event or event planning business for your local community or even for the corporate teams, you first need to identify what will resonate best with them. Once you have identified that, rest is a long process of organization and entertainment, only when you do not have experts on board. So, contact the experts now, share your ideas and expectations and enjoy a spectacular show which highlights the local culture.

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