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Top 9 Indicative Signs Your Website Needs Redesigning

A website is not less than a strategy that can attract online visitors and boost sales for businesses. More often, they are well-designed and well-structured, going smoothly towards their goals. But if you are reading this article, you probably have a problem with yours. And the good news is, you are in the right place. Scroll through this piece to see what are the alarming signs when a website needs redesigning and updating.

9 Indications to consider website redesigning:

Most businesses confront questions like Do we need to redesign our site? What is the best time to do it? The severity and nature of the driving forces behind these questions differ greatly. To order what we believe is a scattered data, we will simply explain the signs symptoms when websites should be redesigned. Keep scrolling to learn more!

1. Poor Brand Reflection:

A website acts as a door to your business and products. Make a good first impression to earn a mark in the visitor’s mind. As a corporate entity, you must use your linking channels to uplift your brand, and your website is one such channel. A site-brand mismatch is a telltale sign your web design is below the mark. When confronted with such a scenario, you are in dire need of a website design Dubai company. Ensuring brand-website connection is an essential element of a good website.

2. Hard to navigate:

Be in the shoes of a visitor and visit your site to search for specific content. Do you find the intended content within a few clicks? Were the navigation links useful? If No, you need to redesign your website. As a driving factor for the user interface (UI), navigation affects your website in numerous ways. Easy navigations mean a swift journey through your pages and an improved user experience.

3. Higher Bounce Rate:

The website’s bounce rates indicate how many visitors are leaving your site due to poor UI and UX. Visit Google Analytics for your site and check the bounce rate. Is it higher than 40%? If yes, then it’s high time to update your site. Work on your UI/UX and website loading page to make visitors stay and buy your brand.

4. Poor Speed Optimization:

Slow loading is a foundational issue that badly affects the performance of any website. Do you know that 47% of visitors want a webpage to load in less than two seconds? The percentage is alarming, and businesses must you must consider it before it’s too late. Optimize your webpages for speed and make them load fast when clicked upon. Doing so will reduce your page’s abundance ratio.

5. Less-responsive website:

Companies can have a strong edge over the competitors when it comes to website responsiveness. According to Google, 41% of visitors open a competitor’s site when your webpage does not work well for them. Responsiveness means your site must be accessible from different devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Update your website if your visitors are confronting responsiveness issues with your pages.

6. No On-page SEO:

A good website with no optimization is as valuable as a “NO WEBSITE.” If you are not visible on search engine result pages (SERPs), what’s the point? Optimize your on-site content to alert the Google crawlers to crawl your pages when someone searches a related query. SEO will enhance your Google ranking, ultimately leading to improved sales. Some basic on-page SEO elements are:

  • Unique meta titles
  • Catchy meta descriptions
  • URLs with relevant keywords
  • Strong internal linking
  • Image optimization

7. Lack of online privacy:

Internet users are more alert these days when handing their confidential data over to a website.  A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the first thing visitors look at when entering your website. They will soon leave your page if it is not secured with HTTPS. The services of website design companies are required to ensure your webpages are safe and secure. The more secure the pages, the higher the traffic.

8. If dead links are there:

Dead links are inimical to any website’s performance. They block the visitors from going to the intended pages, which can harm your business and sales. You can come across a higher bounce rate if there are any dead links. Throw these out of the window and have a good site.

9. CTA is not catchy:

An effective call to action (CTA) is a tool to grab the visitor’s attention. A good CTA leads to a higher click-through-rate (CTR), enhancing your brand awareness and sales. A common benchmark is 3% for CTR; if it’s lower than that, you need redesigning.

Take These Indications Serious and contact digital experts:

All or any one of these signs can badly affect your website and business performance. The only way to take due action is by hiring website designing companies and letting them do their job. Don’t hesitate to start your redesigning today if you feel it’s necessary.

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