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Instagram Feed Ideas To Grow Your Website

Social media provides various ways to express themselves and share their posts. But the most prominent way for people to grab attention is by using a visual-based medium, and this is where Instagram feed, as a platform, stands tall, claiming the title of the social media giant. 

Businesses have started valuing Instagram in their social media marketing strategy, hence making maximum use of it. Embed Instagram feed on website is the best way to link business websites with this amazing social media platform. And brands are getting amazing benefits out of it. One of the amazing benefits of embedding an Instagram feed is that it provides you with various ways to set up the feed on your website and add charm to your website.

This article will discuss a few amazing tips that will help you grow your website and gather visitors’ attention.

Best Instagram Feed Examples

Gallery Theme

Instagram is a hub for visual-based media. It started as a photo-sharing app, and as people like visual mediums, it gained popularity. The benefit of visual media is that it helps to create more impact. People prefer watching visual content to text or written content as visual content adds vibrancy and stays fresh in mind for a long time.

You can use the same for your website and embed the Instagram feed as a Gallery theme on your website. People find visual content more engaging and entertaining and hence provide more attention to it. 

It also helps you to increase your website traffic and secure a better rank in search engine ranking. You can highlight your best or most selling products or present the product catalog in a presentable way using this theme.

Hashtags Feeds

Twitter initially introduced hashtags, but Instagram made them more famous and took them to the new height. Marketers consider hashtags campaigns as the most effective source for social media advertising. Hashtags provide a great reach to your content and help you to gather attention.

You can use the same magic on your website by embedding the Instagram hashtag feeds on your website. It is an effective way to engage your visitor and enhance your sales. Many tools in the market provide you the facility to import the Instagram feed using hashtags. 

Hashtag feeds provide great benefit to your website like; 

  • They make your website lively by displaying the feeds that are related to your business.
  • It increases the reach of your ad campaign; when a visitor visits your website and explores it, he will get to know about your hashtag campaign, which creates awareness for your campaign. 
  • It promotes your campaign – your website features the content posted by users using the hashtag, it will inspire other users to use the hashtag and get a feature on your website. 
  • It provides social proof, as the content displayed on your website are posts from the users; hence, visitors will get social proof straight from your website. They don’t need to change or exit the window.

Grid Style

Grid style is one the most used and attractive ways to display the feed. Even Instagram uses grid style on their featured section because grid style displays the content in an organized manner.

It is an attractive way to showcase your content and posts; also, the grid style provides equal space and equal visibility to all the content. Hence, visitors can look at different content at once and get brief about your business.

Sidebar Feed

Slider feeds add vibrancy to your feed; it creates ease for the visitor to see your products and Instagram. The slider feed provides a sneak into your Instagram account without disturbing the overall view of your website.

Another benefit of using a slider feed is that it displays on the various pages of your websites, adding charm to your website.

Handle Feeds

Instagram Handle feed allows you to embed Instagram feed from a particular Instagram account handle. The handle can be your account, or a celebrity, or your loyal customer. It helps to feature the testimonials or reviews posted by the particular user. By embedding your own Instagram handle feeds you can promote your brand via images, videos. If you have an influencer then you can just add any post in which he has talked about you.

Instagram Carousel

Instagram Carousel is a great Instagram feed widget example to show on a website, and it helps you attract your followers’ attention. Using Instagram feed as Carousel, you can display various products of your brand and spark the interest of your visitors.

You showcase a brief description of your products and make an attractive slideshow of your products. 

Mention Feed

Instagram provides a great feature to its user to mention or tag the account and post the content related to the mentioned account.

You can embed the Instagram mention feed on your website and display the content that people have posted while tagging you like a mention.

People generally use the mention tag when they post a picture with a product of a particular brand. So, when a user posts a picture with your product and imports that picture into your website, it creates a good impression on the visitor, as he gets social proof for the product.

People also use mentions while providing reviews, giving a brief detail about the product, sharing their experience with the brand, or writing testimonials. The feed compiles all the posts and showcases on your feed, providing the user with reviews and public opinion about your brand and products.

The last words

Instagram is a powerful source of UGC to attract customers and followers to your business. You can use Instagram to enjoy its great benefits and take your business to the next level. Embedding the feed on your website is one of the smartest ways of Instagram marketing to gather traffic on the website and attract some attention. This leads you to boost social proof and social engagement with your audience. So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and select any of the Instagram feed types to embed on your website.

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