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Let’s Create The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Area

One of the best trends which are going on in the world of home improvement is the Outdoor kitchens Wellington. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays everyone is going crazy over this idea. Do you know why? Because this is the modern design for the 2021 year. People who are waiting to get together with their family and friends for Christmas and New year would have planned a lot of things in their outdoor entertainment area. 

I remember I used to wait for the family gatherings during my childhood period.  At this point in time too, I always manage to bring out the time for my family. Year-end is the most awaited one! In the end, life happens only once, and it’s us who decide how we want to live this. So, to make life more interesting I have created an outdoor kitchen area where I can cook and relax at the same time. See, cooking is my passion, and it gives me lots of happiness to cook while absorbing nature. 

Let‘s check out some of the key points:

  1. Deciding the Location & Design 
  • The first and foremost task is to find the best space to build your entertainment area. It should be that area where there are ventilation, peace, and greenery. And coming to the designing part, it should match according to your home design. 
  • The design should focus on all types of outdoor climate. It should protect you from all the heat, harsh, windy climate. 

     2. Outside Is Inside

  • The main aim of creating outdoor entertainment is to make you feel inside when you are outside.  This should be the exact feel which you get inside your home. To give that beautiful feeling, bi-fold doors are in huge demand. 
  • This door connects the indoor with the outdoor by just merging the two areas into one. These doors can be opened widely when the weather is great and closed when it’s bad. 

     3. A Focal Entertainment Point

  • Every place is considered beautiful due to its focal or main point. As Paris has its focal point like Eiffel Tower, a home has a focal point known as Mom, the same goes for your outdoor kitchen design as well. It needs a FOCAL POINT! That could be anything that grabs the eyes of your guests. 
  • Think about a water fountain with a beautiful design, or a unique vertical garden that will enhance the overall look of your entertainment area.

    4. Flooring: The Base

  • Flooring is the base of any structure. Keep in mind that flooring should always be of low maintenance. Choose a paper that is suitable for your flooring needs and also which suits your home design.
  • Talking about the best designs then dark colored pavers and timber decking create a wonderful combination for a base.

     5. Shade It Over

  • Ultimately there comes the roof with the base. There are various types of designs for the roofing like installing the downlights in the ceilings. Other designs like, modern outdoor awnings or shade sail and pergola roofs are also in the designing world.
  • Match your roof with your environment. It should be the perfect example of stylish and functional. For those areas where there is a rainy season most of the time, then a pergola is not a great option. But for those who are blessed with an area of sunshine then go for it. 

     6. The Outdoor Kitchen – Grill 

  • Why do we go to an Outdoor entertainment area in Wellington? The answer is simple! Just to have fun grilling a barbecue. This is the main reason for creating a peaceful atmosphere. 
  • You can do many DIY ideas to give a unique and stylish look. Try some clever installation ideas for creating storage for utensils and other things. Add a small sink, fridge, or other kitchen appliances for an easy out day. 

     7. Count On To Counters

  • An outdoor counter is a must! How can we prepare food for everyone on an enjoyable day? There are a variety of granite counters with a lot of designs. These can help in creating a great area with the best designs of granite. 
  • It is a great idea because no one wants to go inside and outside running to prepare the food. It will waste all your time and you can’t enjoy it accordingly. 

     8. Entertaining Furniture 

  • How to enjoy a relaxing day after making food for everyone? Simple just by sitting peacefully in a comfortable chair. Choose an outdoor table and chair set which can be easily used and is spacious. 
  • Add furniture like sofa, chair, table according to your preference and design. Choose furniture which is weatherproof and durable. Just sit on the comfortable furniture and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

     9. Climate Changes

  • Want to enjoy an outdoor day on a rainy day? Or what about a winter day? But you can’t do that? No problem! There is always a solution to a problem. 
  • On a winter day, you can go for an open fire outside your home, and on a summer day, you can go for installing a ceiling fan.
  • Lightening 
  • Add lights according to your needs. For steps, you can use the deck lights and solar lights for grass areas and garden beds. 
  • These lights can change the look of your entertainment area fully. Just imagine spending time with your loved ones at night time with all those cute lights. 

Just Celebrate!

As we all know life is not about just staying indoor. Life has meant more to it. Indoors you find yourself, but outdoors, you go out and create memories. Memories that stay refreshed! With these hacks, you can enjoy a beautiful day out with your friends. It’s a great start to decrease all the work stress and to have a relaxing weekend. 

In many areas, the demand for outdoor kitchens is increasing day by day. It is just another way to relax with your family. Just imagine the wonderful weather, your family, your friends, you and peace. This has also helped to increase bonding with your loved ones. Just invite them to an amazing afternoon lunch or dinner.  If you have a garden outside your home then why wait? Just start your dream weekend!



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