How to Make Money with WordPress by Blogging

Blogging is a digital marketing business where you can generate passive income. Today I am gonna show you How to Start Blogging and make money with WordPress and also I will show you the process of making a free website and generate passive income.

I will teach it to you step by step and I guaranteed that if you don’t miss following all the process you will succeed in the digital marketing platform as well.

There are no man who doesn’t want to success in life by working hard or being lazy to work. But, someone can see the door of success and someone try to break the door with the stone. Trying is the more conscious way than seeing the door of success.

All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind,
Wake in the morning to find that it was vanity.
But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people,
For they dream their dreams with open eyes.
And make them come true.

David Herbert Lawrence said in his Dream poet

So, You have to try to make your dreams come ture.

Ok. Without further ado let’s begin-

How to Start Blogging with WordPress

Before starting a new blog you first need something like Domain, Hosting server, learn SEO, and any more.

What is The Domain Name?

A domain name is a name that carries an identity to your website.

Suppose you have a house. Usually, the house has a specific address. In the same way, You have specific name.

If you have a website, then the website has an address or name. And this specific address/name is called the domain name. This name must be unique. But there are many domain name category such  .com , .net , .info  .gov,  .org ,   etc.

Without a domain name website isn’t possible. So you first buy a domain name to start blogging and then know about WordPress and how to do SEO.

What should keep in mind when choosing a domain:

  • try to buy a domain that matches your keyword
  • Select a   .com domain.
  • Avoid hyphens.
  • Avoid numbers.
  • Choose a short name.
  • Make sure the spelling is correct.
  • Choose names that are easy to pronounce.
  • Choose a name that is not copyrighted.
  • Avoid the Google penalty domain.

What is a Hosting Server?

Web hosting is mainly a service that allows organizations or individuals to post a website or webpage on the internet. In other words, Hosting is a store where all the necessary data and information on a website is collected.

Suppose, you want to make a house. The house will definitely need a place to do it. If you don’t have space, you can’t build a house, and if you don’t have a house, you can’t keep anything at home.

Similarly, web hosting is a place to keep the website.

For example, your name is  Michael and you want to start a blog with WordPress. So, you made a decision to write about traveling .and, you have bought a domain name from Godday or Bluehost.

Suppose your domain name is  “”. Then you need to store this name in a house. Webhosting is a house where the domain can be kept. So, you can put your domain on any hosting.

What should keep in mind when buying web hosting:

  • Buy hosting from  an organization, not from individuals
  • Make sure you have full access to cpanel
  • Make sure you will be able to transfer your web hosting
  • Quality
  • price

you can try cheap vps hosting India

What is SEO?

The full meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. This is a very important thing to succeed in blogging. Without SEO you can never get a lot of organic traffic to your website. If you don’t get traffic then you have no chance to make money with WordPress through Blogging. So, of course, you have to have an idea about SEO first.

Suppose, you have created a website. Now you have to upload content to your website. So, you have uploaded some articles. But you don’t get any benefit if people don’t come to your website.

SEO is a process by which you can get more and more visitors from Google.

obviously, you can get visitors from social media or any forum site but your content is not ranked by Google if you don’t optimize your website.

But if you did SEO it would be ranked very easily and a lot of people will see and read your article.

That’s it.

How does SEO work?

SEO is basically the act of letting Google know about your content.

Suppose, you told Google that your content is about a certain subject, and if someone types this KEYWORD  and does a Google search then Google must show your content in the case of SEO. For this, you should be optimized well according to abide by the rules of Google algorithm.

The Google search engine will show your content on Google if you really optimize well.

So, You must complete the SEO course before planning to start blogging. This is very important. If you don’t know about SEO you must not succeed.

How to Create a website with WordPress

To start blogging you first need a website where you will publish your content. At present, no web developer is needed to create a website. If you have an idea about WordPress then you can make a website.

After getting the domain and hosting you need to build your website to start blogging. You can do it by WordPress ,AbanteCart, PrestaShop, Joomla,PhpBB, Open Real Estate, SMF, MyBB, Dolphine,Laravel,Yetiforce    etc. But WordPress is the best choice.

Now let’s get started make a website with WordPress.

How to Install and Start a WordPress Blog

Build a website is a very important part of starting a blog and You can make it with WordPress very easily.

In this part, I will discuss how to install WordPress in Your Cpanel to start blogging . This is the first officially step to start a new blog. So, read carefully.

Go to the cpanel :

The full form of cpanel is the Control panel. If you registered a new hosting you will get a cpanel. Cpanel allows you to fully control your website.

How to find out cPanel from web hosting server
How to find out cPanel from web hosting server

Click on the Softaculous App installer:

At the very bottom of the cpanel you will see the softaculous app installer function. Click here to find a website builder.

Click on the WordPress:

Click in the WordPress icon to install your wp website builder. It will help you to build a website very easily. Now, this is very popular in the world. About 30% of the blogger in the  World like to make a website by WordPress.

How to find wordPress from cPanel for starting blog
How to find wordPress from cPanel for starting blog

Include necessary information then click install: 

to install this fill-up the form with all the necessary information.and after giving necessary information click the Install button.

Install WordPress to start Blogging
How to Install WordPress to start Blogging

As you click on the install button your website is ready to publish.

Go to the WordPress admin panel:

Now you are able to work on your website. You can add a post, page, audio, video, photo, and so on from there right now.

You can go to the admin panel by typing wp-admin after your domain name in any browser’s URL box.

Login to WordPress Website
Login to WordPress Website

Go to appearance to install a theme for your website:

On the right side of the WordPress panel, you will see an item name appearance. Click here and then you will see theme item.

Click on the theme and click on add new and then add a theme for your website. I recommended you to use a premium theme. Because there have no all the facilities in the free theme. 

How to install WordPress theme and start blogging
How to install WordPress theme and start blogging

Then install any page builder plugins for build your website well:

After adding theme  and website builder  Enjoy your blogging by posting , and editing content and style of your site.

Install page builder plugin to make a blog
Install page builder plugin to make a blog

Now it’s time to write content and publish on the internet :

Publish more and more content that will be helpful to other visitors. At one time many visitors will come to your website and then you will get profit from google and other sponsors.

How to start Publishing Articles on WordPress

To start blogging and publish content , you must first login to WordPress Admin panel.

After logged in, you will see an option called Post. Click on Post and then click on ‘add new’

Or not you can post by tapping new option

How to start posting article on WordPress
How to start posting article on WordPress

After clicking on add new you can post everything like video, audio, article.

First, you have to give an interesting title. Then start writing content. After making content just click on the publish button to publish your article.

How to publish content in  WordPress Blog
How to publish content in WordPress Blog

Please keep in mind when writing quality article:

  • Try to give an Idea first about the article you are going to write.
  • Try to write an article in a slightly humorous way and professionally.
  • The title of the article must be H1
  • And  the subtitle of the article should be H2
  • You have to put KEYWORDS in the title and subtitle of the article
  • And that Keywords should be included in your article so that Google understands what your article is about.
  • Do a Google search for the topic you are writing about. Follow the website of those who are ranked above you and then research their writings to see what is missing. Try to highlight the issues on your website that are missing on others.

How to Make Money by Blogging

The blog is a regularly updated website typically one run by an individual or small group and written in an informal and conversational style.

When there was no WordPress or similar software, it was very difficult to make a blog with proper coding and make money online. Now WordPress made it very easier for the people. So now a lot of people are rushing towards Blogging.

Many people in the world have succeeded in life through blogging. There are more than 600 million blogs on the web and 31.7 million bloggers in the USA. Almost 75 million blogs are built with WordPress in the world.

10 successful blogs

There are two ways you can make money online through Blogging.

1. Active income: The income you get by providing a service is called active income. One thing to keep in mind is that active income is only income when you work but when you don’t work there will be no income.

2. Passive income: You do not have to be active all the time to make passive income. An example of passive income is blogging affiliate marketing and youtube. If you do a little time work here, then there will be income automatically.

Make Money by Advertising

You can easily make money from your WordPress blog by publishing ads.

There are many ad network in the world but the most popular and paying ad network is Google Adsense.

If a visitor clicks on the ad that will be published on your blog, you will get money per click. That means Google will pay you per ad click of visitors. This is a very simple method.

There are many types of platforms to do this, such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and so on. You need to be connected to them to start this process by giving necessary information like bank details, home address, personal information, and others.

how much money I can get through this process?

It depends on the CPC. That means Cost per Click. You can earn from 0.01 to 50   us $  per click. Wow, What an interesting! If your CPC is $2 , you will get $2 per click. But It varies from country to country.

How to get Google Adsense to my WordPress Website?

Google Adsense is the world’s most popular ads network, you know. In the previous step, I told you how Google Adsense drive their strategies. But now I am telling the requirement to get Google Adsense approval.

  1. Your domain name must be the first level purchased domain name
  2. you must publish unique content
  3. your website should have good visitors at least 100-200 per day.
  4. content should be related to your niche.
  5. Every article should be at least 600 minimum words
  6. You must do SEO regularly
  7. A high-quality blog should have useful and informative content, free from grammar and spelling mistake and easy to readability
  8. The dropdown list should work correctly
  9. All the elements should be lined up correctly.

Can I earn money by showing Ads without Google Adsense?

Not only can you earn money from Google Adsense but also you can make money by placing ads of the different organizations on your website. These is called Sponsor Ads.

There are many sponsors, you have to find them. There are many local and international sponsors. Besides, You can promote any product’s Ads from a person or company.

Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Earning money by selling products of big companies like Amazon, Aliexpress, Envato, worriors+ on your website is called affiliate marketing.

To complete this process, the demo details of any product of these companies should be displayed on your website. If a visitor buys their product by clicking on the link that you provide, you will get a commission from them. It can be up to 30%.

So to that, You should find a website that gives the opportunity to join their affiliate program. The word most affiliate online platform is Amazon. You can be an affiliate of Amazon for the first time and generate passive money by selling their products.

How to get income by affiliate marketing?

You can make a blog for reviewing other products or services. Beside reviewing products you can do affiliate marketing. If anyone comes to your website and choose the product that you reviewed then he will buy this product by clicking on the link you provide.

If you insert your affiliate link to the product and if any person buy this product by clicking on this link you will get commission from 3% to 30%

affiliate marketing is a profitable marketing business and you can make passive income through affiliate marketing blog.

As a bigenner level affiliate, you earn up to $300/day; as a Intermediate affiliate, you earn from $300/day up to $3,000/day; as a High-level affiliate, You earn above $3,000/day; and last as a Super affiliates or, as you can often find them being called, “gurus of affiliate marketing,” who make more than $10,000/day.

Now, imagine how much profitable is this business.

If you throw the question to me How to Make Money with WordPress Blog for beginners I will answer the best way is affiliate marketing.

Affiliation of digital product based marketplace:

The best digital product based marketplace is Envato Market. The is no digital product is missing here. Everybody can become a affiliate of Envato Market can make money by selling their product. For selling per product an affiliate will get 30% commission.

Diggital product means, WordPress Theme, plugin, Audio book, videography, photography and anymore.

Make a WordPress Website and start making money by marketing on affiliate marketplace

Affiliation of physical product based marketplace:

the best physical product affiliate market is . if you sell a product by your affiliate link you will get up to 10% commission for the sell.

It is very difficult to sell the physical product by amazon affiliate and the income is less then selling digital product affiliate.

So, we prefer digital product affiliate to physical product.

Earn by Selling your own product :  

By blogging you can start your own business, you will be able to sell your own products like clothing accessories, food, necessary furniture, gadget, etc.

It works like an online-based store. Visitors from different countries will come to your website that is a shop and buy your product. And from there you will be benefited.

In today’s world, the Internet has become a great opportunity to do business online, buy and sell products, etc.

There are many types of blogs in the world. All the types can be taken and start making a website with the help of WordPress to make a profitable blogging career.

Earn money from different types of niche blog

Fashion blog:

Writing about different types of clothing accessories is called fashion blogs such as T-shirts, pants, shoes, watch, necklaces, cosmetics, etc. Here both active and passive types of income can be made. Moreover, in the fashion blog, you can do affiliate marketing too if you want.

Affiliate marketing is a profitable business at present in the world.

Food Blog:

Writing about how to make a variety of delicious food recipes is called a food blog.

Blogging is the key to marketing and brand name development. If you have a restaurant, you can easily sell products through it.

Moreover, if you become successful through this blogging then many restaurants will offer you to sell their products. You can benefit from this by selling the products of any other restaurant.

The name of number one Food blog is Food52

You can check out The 50 Best Food & Cooking Blogs in the world .

News Blog:

Writing about different types of news is called news blog.

The news blog is a very popular blog all over the world. If you work with news Blogs, you can call yourself a journalist.

You can follow a journalist to blog in the news niche. You don’t have to be a journalist compulsory to blog news. just take ideas from them.

The only new topic are mentioned in the news blog.

A News blogger works on an issue like where things happened, where new updates come from, where things were denied, and so on.

It will definitely take a lot of time to do news blog successfully. So, It’s entirely up to you.

Travel blog:

A travel blog is written about interesting places in different countries or places. You can add different information to this blog that will help your traffic.


  • You can tell you about the most beautiful places in the world.
  • You give an idea about the restaurants there, which restaurants are the best and where the restaurants are.
  • give an idea about the accommodation there, it means about the hotels.
  • So, you can give a complete guideline about travel.

Now you can say that I did not go to that place, then how can I give information.

There is no reason to worry. Because You can collect information on these topics from the internet.

Gaming Blog

In those blogs write about different types of gaming tips, Gaming tricks, news about the game are called gaming blogs.

In the gaming blog you can do various things.

  • You can share different types of gaming tips and tricks.
  • You can find out a new game and write about it on your blog
  • You can do live streaming
  • You can sell any gaming product like gems, diamonds, or any other thing by gaming blog.
  • Every game-related purpose you can fill up from a gaming blog.

You can also pick topic from:

When selecting a niche you need to keep an eye on how popular this subject is. If you select a niche that has no popularity and no one searches for it on Google, no one will read your blog. It will not benefit you.


The first thing you need to do is find out what interests you. If you write about the subject you are interested in, you will be able to write very well. And you don’t feel bored doing that.

Suppose, you are interested to research Food and making delicious recipes. You can write about food. If you are interested in traveling, you should write about the beautiful places and their can involve amazing photography in your content.

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