Instagram Feed Ideas To Grow Your Website

Instagram feed types

Social media provides various ways to express themselves and share their posts. But the most prominent way for people to grab attention is by using a visual-based medium, and this is where Instagram feed, as a platform, stands tall, claiming the title of the social media giant.  Businesses have started valuing Instagram in their social … Read more

Maximize your Shopify sales with the best plugins available

Maximize your Shopify sales with the best plugins available

Shopify is the easiest way to launch an online app store. It is the third-largest e-commerce platform and has a good market share. Many merchants use Shopify tools to run their websites. Shopify handles everything from Marketing, payments to the shipping of products. One of the reasons that people are shifting here is that it … Read more

SMS Marketing: Why integrate it into your marketing strategy?

sms marketing

In 2020, companies have every interest to bet on SMS Marketing in order to diversify their marketing levers and take advantage of its benefits! Historically a key marketing lever, SMS Marketing has experienced a real boom in recent years. Its advantages are numerous, especially because today everyone has a cell phone. However, even if the … Read more