htaccess password protect file-How to do in 2020

password protect your file with htaccess

Htaccess is the short form of hypertext access. It’s a configuration file used by apache-based web servers. In this article, I will show you how to htaccess password protect file with htaccess directory from your cPanel. htaccess file can be used to perform some important function. like- deny access from specific IP address. prevent directory … Read more

What is freelancing? Guideline for the beginners

what is freelancing

Many of us have heard two words Freelancing and outsourcing. But they don’t know the difference between these two words.In this article, I will show you what is freelancing. what is freelancing and how does it work In a simple speech, outsourcing is the act of hiring people from a foreign country or own country … Read more

Trusted Online Money Making Sites for the students

trusted online money making sites

Money money and money! We all want to grow by making money in life. But someone succeeded and someone not. But if you have the desire and know the way to succeed, only then you can succeed. So, for helping you to succeed in your life I will share some way in this article. Let’s … Read more

Learn Free SEO Course Online 2020

free SEO course

I am going to share with you some awesome things about search engine optimization in this free SEO course that you might not know before. Even all the search engine related issues will discuss in this course. SO, if you want to learn SEO and build your freelancing career then today’s post is just for … Read more

How to create high quality backlinks to rank on Google

create high quality backlink

Most bloggers or affiliate marketers struggle very much to create high quality backlinks. Because we all know that, if you create it then the site move to Google ranking very fast. But when it comes to creating high-quality backlinks, most bloggers become a failure. For that, at one time they became frustrated and move away … Read more

Top 10 Blogs in the world-All information in 2021

top blog in the world

Many people may not have the idea that you can be successful in life through blogging. Today we will know about the top 10 blogs and their activities. I hope this will encourage you to do blogging and successful in life. 10. Envato Tuts+: Start : 2006 Founder: Collis and Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung. … Read more

Measure the distance between Sun and Earth

measure the distance between sun and earth

Have you ever wondered how to determine the distance between two objects despite having so much distance between them? Yeah, It’s really hard but science has been able to achieve that. In fact, no matter how difficult the task, science finds a way out. In this article, I will briefly tell you how to measure … Read more

How to Make Money with WordPress by Blogging

how to start blogging with WordPress

Blogging is a digital marketing business where you can generate passive income. Today I am gonna show you How to Start Blogging and make money with WordPress and also I will show you the process of making a free website and generate passive income. I will teach it to you step by step and I … Read more