How to protect content in WordPress Copy & Right-click

Hi and welcome in this episode of WordPress security presented by primomate. In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how toprotect content in WordPress Web site.

There are many ways to protect content in WordPress. In this article, I will teach you 2 ways.

So before teaching you I want to give an example.

Suppose, I like a content of the any web-page and I want to steal it.

So to do that for images I will just use right click and save image as and then you can save the image anywhere you like. And for the text, I will select the paragraph and use right-click and copy the text.

So, it is seeing that everyone can steal the unprotected content.

People can copy your content from your website and paste it to their own blog or website. So, this is definitely painful for you.

Ok so let’s see how to stop people from stealing your content and I will teach you two method.

Protect content in WordPress with password

First of all, I will show you how can protect content in WordPress with Password. If you do that, your content will password protected. If anybody wants to read your article, he must enter the password to read the article or anymore.

For that, I’m going to switch to my WordPress dashboard and click on All posts. And I will select the post which I want to password protect and click Quick Edit.

Now down here you have the option to set the password for the post. so I will put ‘example‘ for the password and click on Update.

How to password protect your content in wordpress
How to password protect your content

And if I go back to the website and refresh the page you can see the content is password protected. only users with the password can view the content.

password protected content
password protected content

So this method is useful if you have paid content.

Now let’s use another method to protect content in WordPress using a plugin.

How to protect your website’s content using Plugin

To protect content in WordPress, I need to install a Plugin named WP content copy protection. So to that, I will switch back to the Wp dashboard and go to plugins and click add new.

And then in the search bar I will type WP content copy protection and select the first one and click Install now and then activate.

wp content copy protection
wp content copy protection in WordPress

once done with that, you should see a tab up here called protection.

Just click it and here you will see the settings for the plugin such as main setting , premium right-click protect and so on. You don’t need to make any changes In the main setting but you need to select the box which you want to protect.

So in my case, I will click on protection and go to the premium right-click protection tab and I will mark the posts box. because I want to protect only my post. And then I will click on Save Settings to protect content in WordPress.

WordPress content copy protect setup plugin
wp content copy protection setup plugin

OK now let’s go to the Web site and refresh the page and let’s try to use right-click anywhere on the page as you can see the Web site is now protected and you’ll see the alert message when you are trying to use right-click.

Alert massage-this content is protected
Alert massage-this content is protected

So that’s it for now.

Thanks From the Primomate. And I will see you next time.

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