How to Reset task manager back to default in Windows 10

In this tutorial, I will gonna show you how to fix task manager problem in Windows 10 and how to reset task manager back to the default setting.

You can fixed task manager problem in 2 way.

1. Task manager problem solved with Registry Editor

The first way is with registry Editor. Every thing in the computer have saved to the registry editor . So, if you guess any problem of your computer and know the way you can solve it from registry editor.

But in this article, I will show you how to go on the registry editor and reset task manager and fix the problem.

Go to Registry Editor

To access registry Editor open your computer and press the Windows and R button together to run a program. Then type Regedit and press the Ok button.

Windows+R ➡ type RegeditOK

Run regedit  to reset task manager
Run regedit to reset task manager

After Going Registry Editor you have to go on Task manager.

So to go to task manager you have to extent so many step.

I am showing those step clearly . Just follow me.

***Go to Registry Editor

  2. Extend Software
  3. From software extend Microsoft
  4. Then Extend Windows
  5. Extend CurrentVerson
  6. Click on Task Manager
Reset task manager from regedit
Reset task manager from regedit

After clicking Task manager from there you’ll see an option named “Preference

You have to right-click and delete

Ok. After deleting this file go back to your desktop screen and restart your computer. this takes a big-time to restart but don’t off your computer.

2. Windows 10 PowerShell Command to Reset Task manager

Go to the PowerShell. If you don’t find powershell just search under-left side by typing Powershell and run it as administration.

Then copy this text below-

HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TaskManager -name Preferences

And, paste it on the powershell and press the enter button.

Wait a few second and close the Powershell program.

You are all done to successfully reset task manager from your computer or laptop or pc.

If you guess any problem with the task manager then undoubtedly reset it and solved the problem. I think this computer-related article helped you.

If yes, please leave a positive comment.

Thank you.

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