SMS Marketing: Why integrate it into your marketing strategy?

In 2020, companies have every interest to bet on SMS Marketing in order to diversify their marketing levers and take advantage of its benefits!

Historically a key marketing lever, SMS Marketing has experienced a real boom in recent years. Its advantages are numerous, especially because today everyone has a cell phone.

However, even if the SMS marketing is an interesting lever, it must be used wisely, without abuse and especially in addition to your current marketing strategy, i.e. social networks, emails etc…

Discover through this article all the advantages of SMS Marketing and especially what are the key points to create an effective SMS marketing campaign!

What is SMS Marketing and what are its advantages?

Behind this term, many things are hidden. SMS Marketing is a lever that allows brands to enter and stay in contact with their customers.

In use, a brand sends a mass message to prospects or customers who have consented to receive it. The messages can be promotional, informative or even reminders.
Compared to email, SMS messages are shorter, averaging 160 characters, and are delivered immediately.

In addition, they are read within 3 minutes after sending.

Commitment is also higher: 70% of customers say that SMS attracts more attention. Finally, the unsubscription rate is very low, only 0.13%.

Namely, in America and Canada SMS Marketing is highly regulated. It is not allowed to send SMS messages on Sundays, public holidays or between 8pm and 8am.

The use of SMS marketing can be useful if you want to :

  • increase your brand awareness (relational sms);
  • strengthen customer engagement (promotional sms);
  • generate more sales (transactional sms).

How to create a good SMS Marketing campaign?

Before starting your SMS Marketing campaign with a SMS Marketing Web App like Textitute, it is essential to obtain the explicit agreement of your prospects/customers. Legally, you are not allowed to contact people who have not clearly consented to the use of their number.
To obtain consent, simply include a field on your site, or in your forms. To do the right thing, remember to explain what their number will be used for.

Also, it should be easy for them to unsubscribe.

For example, you can include a link in your SMS messages or a number that will cause them to unsubscribe by writing STOP.

Then, the SMS remains a fairly intimate means of contact. Don’t abuse campaigns and send SMS when it is really useful. It is also essential to send your SMS at the right time, when the recipient will be the most responsive.

Sales, a customer’s birthday, an exclusive offer are for example, ideal occasions. Your SMS must bring value to the recipient. It is therefore important to highlight and very clearly what the recipient will get out of the message and above all to go straight to the point, in order to keep the message short.

Where you can make the difference, in your SMS Marketing campaigns, is in the personalization!

To conclude, if you haven’t tried SMS Marketing yet, 2020 may be the right opportunity for! This lever has important advantages and is especially complimentary with an email marketing strategy. You can also send a free SMS to test your messages.

If your company is in the e-commerce sector, SMS Marketing is an effective way to increase your ROI!

A powerful channel for your campaigns

SMS has experienced a real explosion in recent years. Beyond its interesting opening rate, SMS is also the most profitable way.

Simple and quick to implement, an SMS marketing campaign allows you to reach all your contacts on their mobile at once, and with a high return on investment.

Using sms allows you to stand out from your competitors. It can be a real lever in the transformation of your prospects because you are sure to reach your target, wherever they are. It induces a greater proximity with your contacts.

By its immediacy, it allows you to stay in touch with them and maintain a direct and instantaneous relationship on their cell phone.

Indeed, text messaging can be used for any type of solution: rewarding customer loyalty with personalized offers on your products, generating more traffic with promotions. It is thus positioned as a customer relationship and promotional tool.

With Textitute, take advantage of a reliable and secure platform to create and send your SMS campaigns anywhere in the world from the Internet. The speed of implementation of a marketing campaign through this means allows you to boost your brand image.

The advantages of SMS

This channel of communication has a variety of significant advantages.

For example:

  • Instant broadcasting: This allows a wide and simple distribution on thousands of telephones.
  • An unbeatable deliverability: it is well known that on average we consult our mobile several dozen or even more than a hundred times a day. Text messages are therefore read immediately.
  • Easy to use: it has the advantage of being concise and easy to remember. This increases its efficiency and the spontaneity of the correspondents to read your texts.
  • A very affordable cost: unlike offline or online advertising campaigns that require large budgets, there are many players on the web like Textitute, which offer complete services to carry out SMS campaigns at an economical price.
  • A multi-purpose tool: SMS can be used for various and varied uses depending on your field of activity: commerce, health, events, etc.
  • An interactive loyalty channel: it is an efficient way to keep in touch with your contacts and build loyalty.

In order to ensure an efficient and secure mass distribution, it is recommended to use a sending platform such as Textitute. Its powerful and very easy to use interface allows you to send mass text messages from the web with no obligation and at attractive rates.

Texting allows both to communicate instantly but also to acquire more customers. Indeed, its flexibility and immediacy make it particularly effective. Set up within the framework of a marketing campaign, text messaging can only maximize the reach and impact of your message.

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