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Steps for listing in Google News

Looking How to get listed in Google News? Here are a few steps and guidelines to list your website in Google News.

Before starting let us first take a look at what exactly Google News is! Google News is nothing but it is a new service developed and rendered by Google that collects new stories and headlines from different publishers and magazines. 

Google quickly checks the relevance, authority, content and much more related to the article and then displays it based on interests and preferences.

How to access Google News?

Some relevant and interesting articles will be displayed in Google’s main Search Engine Result Page(SERP) otherwise a user can directly go to to access Google News.

The following gives you an idea about how a Google News Page looks like!

  • Google News Dashboard contains a search box, where you can search for the required page.
  • You can filter the news based on news type, regions, headlines and so on.
  • You can even get the weather updates as shown in the picture.

There are lots of features that are available on Google News.

What is the benefit of your website getting listed in Google News?

Some of us may be thinking what is the exact point of getting listed in Google News when you have a website. The answer to this question is that all of Google Products have their brand name and trust, so when our website gets listed in these trustworthy sources it will help us to improve the site’s visibility, brand name, reach and lead to increased sales. Thus, Google News is one of the promotion strategies used to promote your website and services.

Anyone could develop a website at any point of time but the real success of the website is getting a more targeted audience to your website. Through Google News, you can achieve this and enhance your online presence to the targeted audience.

Now, lets us look at how to get listed in Google News.

Submitting a list to Google news is not a tedious task. You can follow the steps to get listed :

Read and follow Google’s Guidelines:

In most of the cases, the listing will be rejected since most of us ignore the guidelines provided, by simply checking “I agree to the terms and conditions” we start to give the details required for the listing.  

What happens in this case is, if any of the pages is against the agreement policy the website gets rejected. So, it is always important to read and follow the guidelines which is the first step to follow for your website to get listed. Keep in mind that your website is among thousands of websites that are pending for approval. So when you ignore the guidelines, Google will undoubtedly reject your listing request.

  1. Proper Formatting of the website content

Now the crawlers understand only the text format but your website may contain lots of images and non-readable formats. While planning to submit your website in Google News just make sure that formats are SEO friendly, understandable, and readable by the crawlers. Format the website before submitting.

If you think that you want some of the media to be included in the listing, you can do this by adding the proper title and description for the image, so that these crawlers will be able to understand what exactly the image represents.

2.Create unique search engine friendly URLs

As we discussed above, Google lists the website by checking the relevance and quality of the content. While doing it, the first thing Google checks is the URL. As we all know that if we are performing digital marketing strategies, the URL must be search engine friendly which means that the URL should be in a readable format and also Google should get an idea about what the website is by looking at the URL. Once created URL cannot be changed later, so keep this in mind and choose the right URL.

Also, while preparing a title for the page, create a catchy and attractive title that will help to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Thereby, improving the website’s traffic and reach. 

3.Create a Sitemap

Creating a sitemap is not a must while you are listing your website in Google News. But when you are doing a job, if you do it completely and perfectly, your job becomes simpler as you move on. A sitemap makes it easier for SEO work easier as search engines crawl, index and speed up to bring your website or related content to your audience. Bringing as much early as possible to your targeted audience is important because older news does not have any importance. So bringing the content at the right time is important, the sitemap will help you in this case.

4.Page Optimization is important

Make your page optimized with relevant keyword phrases that define your page. Choosing the best category that suits your product or services is important. So when a customer searches for the news by choosing the preferred category, your website results will be listed. If chosen correctly you can improve your site’s traffic with the targeted audience.

5.Provide Contact Details

Giving relevant details of your contact information is very important. For this, a contact us page should be created with information such as an address, email id, and phone number so that the people who want your service can directly contact you.

I hope these steps will get you off to a good start and also will give an entry point to the highly competitive search results !!


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