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The Best Types of Sofas You Need for your Dream Home?

Have you been purchasing the wrong furniture lately for your new home? Did you know how many types of sofas are available in the market before you begin your shopping? You can find several types of couches and sofas for your new luxury home in Sydney and you can easily categorize them as a drawing room or living room furniture. Infect you can put any sofa sets in your rooms such as size, arm, and back shape sofas.

Many of the sofa types available in the market are very elegant and have distinct characteristics from one another. Do not worry if you have no knowledge of sofa types in the market and haven’t got any idea of what to buy from the available choices of sofas.

We will guide you to understand the types of sofas you need to decorate your dream home. Let’s get started!

Sofa Types Classified by Function

The Merriam-Webster website defines a sofa as an upholstery item that usually comes with long shapes and arms. These upholstery items are soft and can be converted into beds as well. If you personally don’t like the idea of converting your sofa into a bed, then do not worry. You can skip buy a sofa cum bed and choose from many other available sofa types.

Here are a few of those sofa types for you to consider for your dream home today.

The Ottoman Sofa

The Ottoman Sofa

The ottoman sofa is a short piece of furniture that is often used as a coffee table in your home or office. For obvious reasons, these pieces of furniture date back to the Ottoman Empire in history. In those times, people used to use these types of furniture as a centerpiece. We call it the living space today.

Over time, these spaces have become small in the world as the houses began to shrink. This is a modern type of furniture piece found in every home nowadays.

The Armchair

The Armchair sofa

Who is not familiar with this type of furniture item? The fun fact about armchairs that it was not so popular in the 16th century as the other types of Ottoman furniture. In those olden times, people used benches, stools, and sofas instead of armchairs.

Nowadays, times have changed and armchairs have become a tradition. They come in all sizes and shapes. It is almost like a luxury sofa for a single person to enjoy their weekend. By 1928, the recliner (La-Z-Boy) was invented with some with a built-in massage function even. You can also buy an armchair and make your life more comfortable to suit the needs of your new home.

The Loveseat Sofa

The Loveseat Sofa

The loveseat sofa in all its glory is the same sofa as an Ottoman sofa; however, it often comes in small sizes compared to Ottoman styles. This sofa is often referred to as a three or two sweater sofa that makes it unique from other styles of sofas.

This type of sofa can have a fabric or a cloth that protects its foams from dirt. However, upholstery cleaning Sydney is very important to ensure its durability.

Modular or Sectional Sofa

 Sectional Sofa

The modular sofa is also known as a sectional sofa that is combined to provide you a great living room experience. These sofas are ideal for large families because you can put more sofas in the same room by using Modular sofas.

With sectional sofas, you can expand the seating sizes and decorate your home accordingly. However, these types of sofas are also prone to dirt and stains if used improperly. That is why you should find a couch cleaning Sydney Company that is cost-effective to cater to your sofa cleaning needs.

How to Ensure the Best Upholstery Steam Cleaning of your Sofas

Keeping and maintaining the beautiful aesthetics of your dream sofas is vital for your guests to admire you. 

There are many lounges cleaning Sydney companies that provide upholstery steam cleaning of your home sofas. However, not all companies are equal in terms of providing the best L-shaped lounge cleaning services. 

A reliable couch cleaning company can make sure that growing natural disasters and cleaning issues are not deteriorating your upholstery items.

In Sydney, Pro Sofa Clean has made a name in the sofa cleaning Sydney industry with its trained steam cleaning professionals. Because your sofas can make your life comfortable, there is no compromise on the quality of cleaning.


While fabric sofa cleaning for your Ottoman Sofa is a task for professionals that requires deep cleaning of all surfaces and hidden stains and dirt marks, our workforce is well-equipped to provide you impeccable upholstery cleaning services according to the industry’s best standards.


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