Top 10 Amazing Reasons To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

A website can impact your business in positive and negative ways. A website is like the first point of contact between business and customers. A good website can help you to convert your lead into a successful transaction. There are ample tools and applications available in the market that help you make your website look better and more presentable. Today, the most popular tool used by businesses to amplify the look and feel of their website is Instagram Widget.

Instagram has surfaced as a social media giant in the past few years, with such heavy traffic on the platform, and one cannot ignore Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the Instagram widget and its benefits.

Instagram Widget 

Instagram Widget is a phenomenal tool that helps showcases the Instagram feed related to your business on your website and provides social proof to your customers.

You can customize your widget in different sizes, different backgrounds, different fonts and make it suitable according to your style and according to your website.

It adds beauty to your website, making it lively and more pleasing to the eye of your customers.

10 Amazing Reasons To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

1. Increase User Engagement

Instagram Widgets makes your website more attractive and presentable, giving you the edge over dull, flat, and boring websites that only showcase texts and single graphics. 

Users should feel engaged with the website and urge to know more about the business and products; the Instagram Widget fulfills that need. 

Instagram Widget displays the posts related to your business on the feed; this gives the potential customers some satisfaction knowing that people have used and have posted about your products.

2. Makes your Website More Appealing

Instagram Widget regularly updated the feed on your website makes your website more appealing as it adds a vibrancy to your website. 

The visual appeal of your website creates a good impression on the customer, and he tends to show more interest in the product. 

A good presentable website attracts the attention of a potential customer, and he explores more on the website. It can be increasing the chance of converting the potential lead into sales.

3. Makes your Website more Interactive

The widget increases the user’s engagement and increases the interaction with your posts and pictures that can lead to successful sales.

By embedding the Instagram Widget on your website, you open many opportunities for the users to enchase interaction and help you increase your sales. 

4. Increase Website Traffic

As the Instagram widget keeps the user engaged on the website. The user tends to gain more interest in the business and explore more. It eventually increases website traffic; with an interactive website, more people would like to visit the website, increasing additional traffic, enhancing brand awareness.

5. Decreases Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to when the visitors leave the website after viewing just one page of the website. Increased bounce rate is bad for the website and businesses. The Instagram widget makes your website so interactive that the user feels the urge to explore more, and with the regular feeds, he stays engaged, decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

6. Provides Real-Time Display

The real-time displays help the website in a great way. Firstly, the real-time display keeps the website interactive and feeds the users with updated content related to the business and the product, igniting their interest.

Secondly, a visitor finds real-time displays very alluring and pleasing to the eyes. The customers who like to stay and learn more about the product can eventually buy the product.

7. Provides Social Proof

By embedding the Instagram feeds on your website, you can showcase the reviews posted by the people and your past customers on Instagram. The Widget will fetch all these posts and display them on your website, providing the new or potential customers a little proof about your business and past user reviews.

A rational customer would always look into the social proof and read the reviews about the product before making a purchase.

8. Increase your Instagram Followers

Embedding Instagram Widget can also help your business to gain more followers on Instagram. The widget acts as a bridge between the website and Instagram profile. If a customer spends more time website, he will be interested in further updates, and he can easily follow you on Instagram without leaving the window. 

9. Motivates Users To Create User-Generated Content

Instagram Widget can be a great marketing strategy for businesses to increase UGC.

User-generated content or UGC refers to the content created by the users for the brand without directly affiliated to the businesses. The widget showcases the UGC on the website that makes users valued and hence, motivating them to make more UGC for the businesses and get featured on the website.

10. No Expenditure in Content Creation

As people create more user-generated content for the brands, it helps the businesses save the advertising cost. The UGC is almost free of cost for the businesses; the users create content to express their opinion on the brand. And when they get featured on the website, they feel motivated to make more content, which increases the brand awareness for businesses.

The Instagram widget helps both brands and users to accomplish their goals.


Instagram widget is a brilliant tool to help your website grow; it can create wonders for your businesses and websites. Now you know how beneficial it is for your business, go ahead, try the Instagram widget, and reach new heights. 

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