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Top 10 Ways to Convert PNG to SVG

No doubt that these days SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is considered by many individuals just because of its high-quality nature. Also, the SVG file format increases the SEO ranking of the site as it comes with a bunch of features. However, PNG is also a well-known standard image format, but whenever you want to turn it into SVG, an online PNG to SVG converter is the program that you required. There are innumerable converters that do the conversion very quickly from PNG raster to SVG vector. In this context, we are compiling 10 best-proven ways for particular conversions.

1.      Real World Paint:

Real World is indicated as the best PNG to SVG converter software for your Windows system. It is a free painting software that is usually best for creating drawings and various designs. You can find different drawing tools here that can be used to edit or annotate input PNG images before converting them to the SVG vector format.

How to convert PNG to SVG with Real World Paint:

  • All you people need to start Real World Paint and make a tap on the Open button to load your PNG image
  • Now, you ought to make desired modifications to your input PNG image file by using available drawing and editing tools
  • Right after, you have to make desired modifications, you can use the Save As an option to save PNG as SVG for free.

2.      Theonlineconverter.com:

Yes, theonlinconverter.com is provided free and the best PNG to SVG converter to turn PNG into SVG without distorting the original resolution of an image. This site is specifically designed to make online file conversion efficient and easy. Apart from PNG to SVG conversion, this platform supports a huge number of file formats for to and from conversions. You could convert files to and from PDF, BMP, SVG, Word (DOC/DOCX), Excel (XLS/XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), JPEG, JPG, and much more. The upside is that this site always preserves the original quality of the file and does not distort the layout of the properties.

How to convert PNG to SVG with Theonlineconverter:

  • To turn PNG into SVG, you ought to navigate to this online website
  • Then, in the search tab, type “PNG to SVG”
  • Once found, upload single or multiple PNG images that you want to convert into SVG
  • Press converts and wait for a couple of seconds. Now, press the Download Zip button to save your PNG images as SVGs on your preferred storage

3.      ImBatch:

ImBatch is well-known free software through which you can batch convert PNG into SVG for Windows OS. Even it converts multiple PNG files to SVGs simultaneously, but never compromises the quality of the images. You can there explore some essential tools to edit the input PNG images before converting them to the SVG format. It provides you with editing tools in the form of tasks such as Lens Effect, Mosiac Effect, Rotate, Resize, Blue, Equalize, Color Levels, Exposure, etc. Besides PNG and SVG conversions, this software supports many other input and output image formats.

How to batch convert PNG to SVG using ImBatch:

  • At first, you need to initiate ImBatch and tap the Add New images button to swiftly load the multiple PNG images to it
  • Right after, you ought to add editing tasks from its Add Tasks menu, if you require to modify PNG images to it
  • Now, you have to add the Save As task and simply specify the destination directory location, even the output file type that is SVG
  • Finally, hit the Run batch processing button to commence with the batch PNG to SVG conversion

4.      Converseen:

Converseen is another open-source PNG to SVG converter that works efficiently for Windows and Linux. It is patently best for batch conversion; means you can use it to perform batch image resizing. Well, before commencing with the conversion process, you could easily adjust the output image quality by simply going to its Image Settings panel. Apart from that, you could also explore a Preview Panel that allows you to view all the input images of different other compatible formats. We have a couple of steps to save PNG as SVG:

How to turn PNG into SVG using Converseen:

  • First of all, you have to launch this software and just tap the Open Images button to load one or more PNG image files
  • Now, simply move to the Convert to the menu and just choose the SVG format
  • Vert next, you have ahead to Image Settings to specify the output image quality
  • Finally, you have to press the Convert button to commence the process of PNG to vector SVG conversion

5.      LibreOffice Draw:

If you are seeking for PNG to SVG converter free for Windows, macOS, and Linux, then LibreOffice Draw is the ultimate option. You can now view, edit, and turn PNG into SVG format at a time using this software. You could there find different numbers of painting and editing tools that work best to edit images. This software not only helps to save PNG as SVG but also supports different other image formats like BMP, GIF, PDF, WMF, etc.

How to convert PNG to SVG with LibreOffice Draw:

  • You just ought to launch this handy software and then tap the Open button to upload your PNG image file
  • Then, you can be able to edit the input image by using available image editing tools
  • Ver next, you ought to move to the Export menu and simply choose the SVG as the output format
  • Finally, you need to tap on the OK button to commence with the PNG file to SVG conversion process.

6.      GIMP:

Gimp is another PNG to SVG converter software that we are going to add to this list, it also works best on Windows, Linux, and macOS. This software is ideal for editing images of various formats like JPEG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, TGA, and much more. Apart from editing tools, these open-source tools provide you with different inbuilt image filers such as Sepia, Blur, Poster, Negative, Colorize, Kaleidoscope, Paint, etc.

How to convert PNG to SVG with GIMP:

  • First, just launch Gimp, and by using it Open option, load PNG image file
  • Now, you could get the opportunity of editing the input PNG image by using the given editing tools
  • Then, just go to File menu > Export as an option and then select the SVG vector as the output image format
  • At last, press the Export button to begin the PNG image file to SVG conversion

7.      Inkscape:

Inkscape is the best PNG to SVG converter, and it is always recommended software to edit vector graphics. It not only works free, but even also best on Windows, Linux, and macOS. With this vector editor feature, you could make modifications before converting PNG to SVG online. This free software always supports innumerable image formats for conversions like EPS, TGA, EMF, ODG, JPG, ICO, PNM, and more.

How to turn PNG into SVG using Inkscape:

  • First of all, you ought to start the Inkscape and choose the Open option to load your PNG image
  • Then, simply account for the available editing and drawing tools to swiftly make desired modifications to an input PNG image
  • Very next, you have to move to Save as option and there choose the SVG vector image format
  • It’s time to tap on the OK button to initiate the PNG to SVG vector image conversions

8.      Online Convert:

Well, online convert is the best and professional conversion website that provides you with the free PNG to SVG converter to convert PNG image to vector SVG. The upside is that it supports a wide range of image formats, thus it will indicate as the best and convenient platform for image conversions.

How to convert PNG to SVG with OnlineConvert:

  • Move to “online-convert.com”
  • Once a site is opened, all you need to import a PNG image file that you want to convert into SVG
  • Now, you ought to choose SVG as the output format that you need to convert to in the format tab, and just set some customize options such as DPI, Crop pixels (if required)
  • Finally, you just have to make a click on the “Convert file” button to swiftly convert PNG image to SVG

9.      Convertio:

Convertio is another top-voted PNG to SVG converter online that provides you with quality conversions. Don’t fret, there are different other audio, video, text, image converters to provides you with the ease of free file conversion. This converter is not only easy to use but even also extremely fast and free of charge.

How to turn PNG into SVG online with Convertio:

  • All you need to open the webpage of Convertio in the browser of your computer
  • Now, you ought to tap on the button of “Select Files”, then make a search and upload a PNG image file to this free conversion tool
  • Finally, you have to choose the SVG as output format for this converted image in the given sidebar

10. Zamzar:

When it comes to PNG to SVG and other image format conversions, Zamzar is also a good choice. A free PNG to SVG converter by Zamzar lets you perform conversions within a couple of clicks. Also, this site allows you to convert videos and images to any format that you want with several steps. There’s no need to download third-party software to proceed further.

How to Convert PNG to SVG Online:

Step 1 Search Zamzar webpage

  • First of all, you ought to find and locate the Zamzar site with Google or directly tap zamzar.com on the URL bar
  • Now, you could add a PNG image from the URL, or just drag and drop it directly into the added box, and then simply choose SVG from the given format list
  • Finally, to get the converted SVG image, all you need to enter your email address. Very next, you have to tap on the “Convert” button to attain the PNG to SVG conversion

Thankfully, you people come to know the top 10 best PNG image to SVG converter, choose any one corresponding to your preference to fulfill your conversion needs. Good Luck!


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