Useful Top 8 SEO Strategies To Get Higher Ranking in 2024

Are you an SEO professional and looking for the top best SEO strategies and tips for the year 2020? If yes, then don’t worry about it. In this article, we bring the top 8 SEO strategies and tips that we can use in the 2020 era and can achieve a higher search engine ranking for our targeted keywords. So, keep in touch and read the full article carefully. Implement these tricks in your projects and we hope you will surely get success. It’s time to implement a content marketing strategy and one should invest in SEO strategies also. According to Google SEO Guidelines, Websites must be meet some specific requirements set by the Google algorithm. And there are SEO strategies become very crucial in 2021.

Here is the article in which we will provide you top 8 SEO tips in 2021. If you want to know about these strategies, then have a look down below:

1. High-Quality Content is More Important for SEO Strategies

According to the experts, High-quality content is one of the most important SEO strategies in 2020-21 that one should follow if you are in SEO services. This is because both the users and Google reward the person passing good, relevant, and appropriate knowledge about the topics. So, the content creators should be very much careful while making content. The content should be of high quality, informative, and relevant in order to get high website ratings & ranking. Hence, this is the first important strategy that an SEO guy should follow in 2020.

2. Optimize Website for Mobile (Mobile SEO)-

After Google Mobile-Friendly Update, Googlebot will consider mobile-first indexing for the website. So, Mobile SEO or Mobile Search Optimization will be an important point in the SEO checklist in 2020-21 that you should follow if you are an SEO professional. After mobile-first indexing Google update, it’s required that one should build a website for mobile-first, optimize for mobile-first, do mobile-friendly SEO, optimize the speed of the mobile website as well as the desktop version of the website. This is important because it will reflect insight into your mobile performance. Instead of sitting on a desktop people can easily find your website on mobile phones. That’s why you should optimize your site for mobile SEO.

3. Entity & Knowledge Graph Optimization

According to Bill Slawaski, the search is all about real-world objects. Hence, due to this Google is trying harder to include all the entity-related information. So, we should like to tell you that you can optimize the entity (NAP Optimization & Local Business Optimization) that your site has. This can be done by optimizing Google’s Knowledge Graph and you also have to make sure that it appears in the knowledge panel of the Google search page. Therefore, this is one of the most important SEO strategies in 2020-21 that you should follow.

4. Focus on UX (User Experience) & Technical SEO

This is one of the biggest trends that SEO professionals should focus on. This is a strategy that includes overall experience from initial interaction in SERPs to all landing page experience. Therefore, technical SEO is a key piece to UX discussion. Hence, this is an important & biggest SEO tips for 2021 because people are getting technical day by day. If you are not having a mobile version of the website then there are fewer chances of getting a top search engine position. So, it is important to have a mobile version (Responsive & AMP Version) of the website. Along with all this, it is important to have an interface that is easy to read and grab the attention of people. So, SEO webmasters should keep this strategy in mind always.

5. Optimize for Voice Search

When there were no smartphones, people used to search for things by typing keywords in Google. But with technology development, people are using smartphones, and voice search is the feature that is becoming important day by day. So, if you are in the Digital Marketing Industry then you should know how to optimize your website with voice search. Therefore, Voice Search Optimization is a big strategy for SEO Developers. Voice Search SEO is the other step of improving user experience with semantics. Voice technology works with user intent and contextual meaning of their search queries

6. Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay

After the machine learning algorithm update by Google, Artificial Intelligence is one of the widely used technologies in the industry these days. You can also find this tip in the SEO checklist for 2020-21. AI in SEO helps to create unique and personalized experiences for the users. AI in SEO helps businesses to enhance the accuracy of Keyword Research, Search Intent Research, Competitor Analysis, and much more. Hence, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is the strategy that automatically classifies web pages and gives rankings according to precision.

7. Do Optimization for Rich and Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets & Rich Search Results is also refers to as “Zero Position” in the Search Engine Result Page for 2020-21. Featured Snippets & Rich Search Results help the Digital Marketing Professionals to get enhancement in the visibility of a website in SERPs. This feature works well with proper content optimization and website Schema Optimization. This is a strategy that you should follow as because it will help to rank your site the best. To enjoy this feature, you will have to provide clear answers to the questions asked about your website. Therefore, the featured snippets are elevated and boosted on top depending upon the quality.

8. Focus on Link Building & Brand Building

Building up a brand and high-quality & authority links is also important in the field of SEO because it will help you to make your site rank on top. Internet Marketers should have to focus on keyword rich link building. One should have to work on personal branding to grow their business locally. For most effective link building strategies, SEO professionals must follow these guidelines in 2020-21:

– Use Strategic Guest Blogging
– Create and Distribute Infographics
– Get Active on Social Media
– Use Resource Links from Trusted Sites
– Analyse Competitor’s Backlinks Strategy
– Replicate Best Links from Competitors
– Keep Track of Your Backlinks


So, the future of SEO or Digital Marketing is not predictable. However, we are here doing to know that its growth is not slowing anytime soon. Therefore, these are the top 8 SEO tips and Strategies in 2020-21. Go and follow these strategies to make your site the best. Use and follow these great tips for Search Engine Optimization in 2020 and we hope that you will work better with these techniques and get a higher ranking position in SERPs.

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