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Top 6 Ways Call Agents Can Portray Emotional Intelligence

Handling customer care is one of the trickiest jobs in the world. You might not be in your best mood; however, you cannot make it apparent for your perspectives or consumers. On the other hand, the consumer might have the worst day due to some personal problem and try to vent all their anger on you while calling your product or service the worst.

The result? You cannot start an argument with them or get angry but have to cool down them and provide the best solution to their issue. In other words, you have to portray emotionally intelligent behavior and win over even the angriest consumers or prospects.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is understanding your emotions correctly and managing them perfectly to avoid conflict, stress, meet challenges and promote a positive atmosphere. It also includes understanding the emotions of others and handling the situation accordingly.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is critical in call centers, as the agents have to converse with numerous clients, with the barrier of a different physical setting. It is important in call centers as it helps in the following areas.

  • Ensures quality communication
  • Promotes customer loyalty
  • Boosts productivity
  • Increases sales
  • Promotes collaborative environment

Explore this article in detail to learn all you need to know about emotional intelligence in call centers.

Top 6 ways call agents can portray emotional intelligence while dealing with prospects

In this digital era, most business organizations have adopted online operations in the United Arab Emirates. They resort to the help of call center agents to provide better customer care to their target audience. However, customer care can only be made better when the agents have a suitable emotional quotient and portray it in their dealings.

Here are the top ways call agents can portray emotional intelligence in their dealings with prospects, as well as colleagues.

1. Pay Attention to Customer Behavior

The call center representatives can portray emotional intelligence by paying attention to customer behavior. Responding to the consumers after judging their mood is the best strategy to win them over. The representatives not paying attention to consumer behavior often end the call on an uncomfortable note. On the other hand, successful business organizations hire call center companies in Dubai to get trained agents on board who deal with callers in a satisfactory manner.

2. Offer Justification and Explanation

One of the most important and valued emotional intelligence behavior that the call center representatives can portray is offering justification and explanation to the prospects. Instead of giving a dead answer to them, they should explain the reasoning behind their stance in order to satisfy the prospects.

3. Educate Your Customers

Educating the customers is another valued emotional intelligence behavior that boosts the productivity and performance of a call center. Most of the agents think that the consumer is not educated enough to understand the terminologies and refrain from their use. On the other hand, educating the consumers boosts their trust and reliability in the product or service providers.

4. Focus on Building Rapport

Building rapport is another critical emotional intelligence behavior that boosts the connection between the agents and the prospects. They can ask simple questions not related to the dealing to make the prospect comfortable and confident. However, they need to be aware of the boundaries and not make the prospect feel comfortable through personal questions.

5. Share Personal Information

Another way of portraying emotional intelligence and making the prospects comfortable is by sharing personal information. It can be related to their work routine or simple remarks like they were working on the same concern, or have received several concerns about the same issue etc. not making the prospects uncomfortable is the key to excel in emotional intelligence.

6. Offer Emotional Support

Lastly, it is critical for the call center agents to offer emotional support to the prospects. It means to offer support to the caller if they are facing difficulty in narrating their issue instead of creating the urgency and adding to their nervousness. Your call center agents must make an effort to understand the consumers. If they are not doing so, you can hire call companies in Dubai and let their trained agents take care of your customer service department and boost its performance.

Train your call agents or outsource the service!

This is the twenty-first century, where people do not stick to old practices but utilize knowledge and technology to give their best performance. It is the due time the call center agents become a bit more responsible instead of just answering the queries and concerns of the callers.

They need to portray emotional intelligence to boost the reputation of their organization, and the satisfaction rate of their target audience. If you have such agents on board, it is a plus point. If you do not have, it can impact your performance negatively. Contact the professionals now to make your customer service department impressive and progressive.

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