What is freelancing? Guideline for the beginners

Many of us have heard two words Freelancing and outsourcing. But they don’t know the difference between these two words.In this article, I will show you what is freelancing.

what is freelancing and how does it work

In a simple speech, outsourcing is the act of hiring people from a foreign country or own country through the internet. And freelancing is the act of doing work in one’s own country or outside the country through the internet.

suppose, you need an article. Now you don’t have the time to write the article. So, you want to hire a writer on the internet. That means you are going to do outsourcing. And who will write your article he will do freelancing.

In my language Explain to what is freelancing, It refers to a job where a person with an internet connection with a computer or laptop can do a job by exchanging files outside the house or anywhere in the field. Who do this job, he is called a freelancer.

What Types of Work Need to do for freelancing?

The question comes to mind that actually what types of work do freelancers earn from the internet? There are many works by using that one can get the key to success in life.

If people know web design, web development, or graphics design, content writing, 3d animation creating, and any more then he can develop a heavy career in his life. Any skill has an effect on the freelancing life. If you have any skill well then you will find work in your online career.

I am sharing with you the most popular jobs for the freelancer in the world-

  1. Programming And Software Development
  2. Social Video Marketing
  3. Web Design And Development
  4. Content Marketing/Writing
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Copywriters
  7. Video Editors
  8. Social Media Managers
  9. Legal Services Expert
  10. Internet Security Specialist
  11. SEO Specialist
  12. Voice Actor
  13. Recruiter
  14. Translator
  15. Transcriber
  16. Game Developer
  17. 3D Modeller
  18. Marketing Consultant
  19. Administration Support Officer
  20. Customer Service Support Officer
  21. there are more than

If you can be able to learn and do any of the above then you can build your career easily. There is more than 1000 jobs and more than 100 insudtries on this platform. But the competition in getting one of these jobs is very high. So before thinking to do freelancing you must have skilled in any jobs.

Where do You find Jobs?

I think you have known what is freelancing and now I am goonna show you Where do You find Jobs. There are many freelancing platforms in the world. You can choose one or all the platforms. The most popular platform or marketplace at present in the world is Upwork.com


  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiver.com
  • People Per Hour
  • 99Design

The most popular platform is Upwork. In the Upwork and freelancer people hire a freelancer or find jobs very easily. Whose need any project like making website, application, or anything he can hire a freelancer from these platform in two ways. The first way is exchanging money by project and another way projects according to per hour.

In the People per hour platform, you can charge money per hourly and In the fiver, you can first make any project and then the demo of that project includes in this platform with its value. If any buyer chooses your project then he will buy your product giving you the proper value.

This is also called royalty passive income. Royalty passive income means whenever your product will sell you will get money for each sale. Fiver.com made it easy for us this process.

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As you don’t know what is freelancing ,now You have known it as a beginners.


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