What To Check When Buying A Gold Chain

Gold chain or necklace is the most purchased jewelry in the world. While investing in a solid gold chain, there are specific factors to consider. The essential characteristics should be paid attention to while buying. They are discussed here for a better understanding. A thin chain is best to be worn regularly, and one has to make sure that it is solid and durable without opting for hollow designs that will not last daily.

Different Designs In Gold Chains

The different patterns and kinds of gold chains are:

  • Rolo: The links in the gold chain is round and identical to each other, flowing consistently to the other.
  • Figaro: A Figaro chain has a standard link that has elongated links.
  • Curb: The curb chain has a wide range of widths and is the most stylish form, with better and strong links that interlock when laid flat.
  • Rope: This chain has two patterns, namely the delicate and the more robust version. It is an intertwined form of a gold chain.
  • Wheat: Wheat is a type of chain it will form an oval and twisted chain link that is well connected to the other. It is a kind of intricate chain pattern with a good texture.
  • Snake: This pattern has tight linked chains with a round or square cross-section that forms a zigzag look. The disadvantage of this type is that it clings onto clothes and twists because it does not have a smooth finish.
  • Box: Square links are connected in a box chain, and these form a smooth chain.  

Material Purity Of Gold Chains

An important thing to consider when buying a gold chain or necklace is the purity of the gold. The gold chain is made up of many purities. They are referred to as carat. The type of gold purities with the amount of gold in them are mentioned below:

  • 9ct – 37.5% gold
  • 14ct – 58.33% gold
  • 18ct – 75% gold
  • 22ct – 91.66% gold
  • 24ct – 99.99% gold

The 22ct and 18ct are the widely used gold material purities for making jewelry. Melorra gold chains are robust and durable. A 22ct gold chain is naturally yellow because of the purity, and an 18ct gold chain is primarily gold with a plated layer and, therefore, very rarely, it has a risk of getting tarnished with time. On the other hand, a 24ct gold chain is pure but does not practically last long owing to its soft property. 

Essential Factors To Check While Purchasing Gold Chains

There are specific guidelines to be followed before investing in a gold chain, and they are:

  • Look out for the hallmark symbol as it indicates that the product conforms to legal standards of quality. This is an essential step even while buying simple gold ring designs for women.
  • Check whether the chain is solid gold, hollow or plated. This determines the life and cost of the product.
  • The clasp used to fasten the chain must be necessarily cross verified as there are various designs. The lobster clasps are considered durable amongst the rest, whereas hook clasps are user friendly, while the ring clasp is the safest option to avoid the continuous removing and fastening steps.


While choosing a gold chain, the central aspect is to rule out any risks of skin allergies that get aggravated by exposure to the metal nickel. This is because any gold chain below 18ct gold purity is likely to contain more quantities of nickel, and hence it is not advisable for sensitive skin conditions.  

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